Easy Peasy Quick Ink

I often print small blocks at home as I can do them by hand and don’t need to use the fabulous Columbian press at Swansea Print Workshop. This is how I set up a little inking station without fuss or mess. Stick some newspaper onto your work surface with a bit of masking tape. StickContinue reading “Easy Peasy Quick Ink”


Yeah I know, really boring but so vital for printmakers. I’ve been printing up a simple one-colour linocut with chine collé as a small edition  so the registration is fairly simple.     After you’ve cut your printmaking paper to size for your edition, use one of the sheets as a guide to draw itContinue reading “Registration”

Chine Collé

I have just printed an edition of my little Mari Lwyd linocuts with chine collé to add flashes of colour. I use hand-made paper made from recycled silk saris, a lovely range of colours and lots of fibres.     From left to right: ripping up the paper for cine collé, putting it onto anContinue reading “Chine Collé”

Little Lino Leftovers

I had a busy afternoon printing up my little “Mari Lwyd” lino block for the annual “Leftovers” print exchange organised by Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA. Wingtip’s founder, Amy Nack, describes it’s beginnings, “After cleaning out the flat files and finding dozens of little scraps of printmaking papers jamming up the file drawers, theContinue reading “Little Lino Leftovers”


Andraste is a warrior goddess of the ancient Britons; she was invoked by Boudicca before battles with the invading Romans around 2,000 years ago. She is the Britons’ equivalent of the Irish / Celtic war goddess Morrigan. For over a decade now I have been working with a male life model who is also aContinue reading “Andraste”

Next Steps

Phew! Finally, my commission for Sky Arts TV channel’s UK-wide arts project, ART50, ended tonight with the broadcast of the visual arts films, including the one about my artwork, “Here Be Dragons”. And now I have to decide what my next creative steps will be. I liked working with giant woodblock and text and chineContinue reading “Next Steps”

So Excited!

I’m getting excited now. The Sky Arts TV project I started working on what seems like aeons ago …. about 9 months …. is finally being aired tomorrow, Tuesday March 26th, along with the other visual arts projects from 9pm.   I was commissioned to create a new flag for Britain – that’s opening upContinue reading “So Excited!”

A Bit More Cosi

Here are a couple more drawings I did at the opera the other evening, Cosi Fan Tutte at The Taliesin on Swansea University’s Singleton campus. It was very dark so I could hardly see the paper, an A4 brown paper spiral bound sketchbook. I used white and sanguine conté crayon, turning the white on itsContinue reading “A Bit More Cosi”

The Pit And The Uniform

It was a new one for me last night as I went with my Mam-in-Law to the opera. I’ve never been before and to be honest, being an ageing headbanger and rock chick, it would never have occurred to me to go except that Husb joined a choir recently and had the chance to performContinue reading “The Pit And The Uniform”

More En Plein Air

  Sometimes life gets in the way of art and it can be difficult to do something creative every day. If I’m working on a commission or developing an exhibition, it’s easy because I’m at it all the time, but in the in-between times like the past week or two, I find it hard toContinue reading “More En Plein Air”