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Ethereal Sunshine Print

25 Aug


plants 1

Walking The Tawe Path

I’m going on a FIRE Lab field trip with a colleague tomorrow to walk the River Tawe Path, making cyanotypes along the way. It looks like the weather will be great for exposing these in the sunshine. I spent most of today preparing and I wanted to do a trial run as I haven’t done any for a while. I found some ready-prepared paper tucked away in a folder and grabbed some bits of plants from my garden. I perched the paper on my garden bench and put a sheet of glass over it and let the sun bathe it in light for 10 minutes – it was about 1pm so the light was very strong.


plants 2

Vintage Paper

The plants were quite fleshy and the glass couldn’t squash them flat and they threw slight shadows onto the treated paper, so I guessed the end image wouldn’t be the sharpest. The paper is a sheet of vintage I was given a while back, quite old and no watermark so I had no idea if it was even printmaking paper. It’s very thick and absorbent, almost like cloth. I took a photo (above) after 10 minutes exposure, before I put it in the sink to develop it.


plants 3

Soft And Shadowy

Cyanotype is developed in cold water, first in running water and then a good soak in water with a dash of vinegar added. I like the way this one has turned out – the combination of the soft creamy paper and the shadowy images gives it an ethereal quality.

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