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Permission To Play

24 Jul

coll 2

I take art very seriously, possibly too seriously and it’s very hard for me to relax and enjoy what I’m doing. I’ve long admired Swansea-born artist Niblo (Christian) Lloyd, for his ability to take paper and paint and get on with it, enjoying the experience of doing it. I’m also very frugal and I don’t like wasting anything so after the weekly painting class I’ve been doing on Facebook (more below) I have a fair bit of good, expensive acrylic paint left over. So I’ve been taking a leaf out of Niblo’s book and just getting on with painting for the sake of it. These are very small and might end up in collages.


I’ve been painting along with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club every Friday at midday, taught by painter Ed Sumner. It’s been my lockdown challenge to improve my painting skills and between Ed and Niblo, I think I’m getting somewhere.

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