Visiting Friends

Husb and I visited some friends today. Nothing remarkable in that normally, but these aren’t normal times. We had tea and cake out in the open, well apart from each other, no hugs or handshakes, no cuddles for their magnificent Bengal cat. It was great to be able to see them after all these monthsContinue reading “Visiting Friends”

Scribbling With Paint

I normally scribble with pens, pencils, charcoal, graphite but as I’m doing a lot of painting recently, my pandemic challenge is to improve my painting skills, I sometimes end up with leftover paint. So I’ve been rummaging around in my drawers for leftover paper and use mostly palette knives to scribble the paint onto lovelyContinue reading “Scribbling With Paint”

Family And Folly Farm

Finally! A day out with family. To celebrate a little one’s birthday. We’ve been isolated for months but today we piled into cars, masked and sanitised, and headed West to Folly Farm. It’s a British Bank Holiday so of course it was chilly and damp, but it was still a fantastic day out. I scribbledContinue reading “Family And Folly Farm”

Fake And Bake

Had another lunchtime session with The Cheese And Wine Painting Club over on Faceboo. It’s all painting and no cheese and wine, honestly. Today we tried out copying a landscape with flowers using big brushes, palette knives and an old debit card. Picked up some good tips. After faking it, I baked gluten free lemon,Continue reading “Fake And Bake”

More Scrapings

I’ve filled this A3 sheet of Bockingford paper with the scrapings from the paintings I’ve been doing recently. The paint is too expensive to just chuck, Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic, and as my Nanna used to say, “waste not, want not”. I’ve put it on mostly with a palette knife and the heavy texture ofContinue reading “More Scrapings”

A Very Sloppy Finish

I carried on with the expressionist-inspired painting I’m doing from one of my recent en plein air sketchbook drawings. Two things are coming up for me. First, the colours I’m using are intuitive and reflect something that’s going on inside somewhere, linked to the pandemic and lockdown – this is an emotional and cathartic thingContinue reading “A Very Sloppy Finish”

Channelling Gabrielle and Paula

This is new for me, I’m doing a painting based on a sketch done en plein air a few weeks back. I’ve been practicing my paint skills with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook throughout the lockdown and now I feel confident enough to do one of my own. I love the GermanContinue reading “Channelling Gabrielle and Paula”

Doing My Own Thing

I’ve been doing a fair bit of painting during lockdown. I challenged myself to improve my skills as I hardly ever paint. I’ve been doing a weekly practice session with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook, which has been great. I’ve learnt a lot. But today I decided that I should start toContinue reading “Doing My Own Thing”

Turn It Around

I spent about an hour today finishing the fake Picasso I started on Friday with The Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. It’s my lockdown challenge to improve my painting skills and this is my twelfth one. I’m learning a lot, studying the greats, and Ed Sumner, who leads the sessions, is an entertainingContinue reading “Turn It Around”

Another Faking Friday

    It’s another faking Friday with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. It’s been running weekly through lockdown, inspiring people to learn something about the techniques of, mostly, famous artists in a very accessible and enjoyable way, building a nice community during the pandemic. Today we had Picasso’s “Sleeping Girl”. I reallyContinue reading “Another Faking Friday”