Doing The Detail

I carried on faking “Son Of Man” by René Magritte today, focusing on the finer details, like the brickwork on the wall, rendering the cloth on the coat and sketching in the shirt, tie and hands. I can see what needs some attention – the left lapel, the hat brim and the apple which isContinue reading “Doing The Detail”

Nearly But Not Quite

I did some more painting today – what’s going on with me? I’ve hardly painted since I was in art college back in the 1970s and now I can’t stop. The fabulous GS Artists have been organising free art tutorials, a mixture of Zoom and on-site (observing safety protocols of course). It’s part of theContinue reading “Nearly But Not Quite”

Faking A Man With An Apple For A Face

Today’s painting session with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook is a famous painting by the Belgian Surrealist artist René Magritte, “The Son Of Man”. It isn’t finished, I reckon a couple of hours over the weekend should do it. I set myself a lockdown challenge to improve my painting skills andContinue reading “Faking A Man With An Apple For A Face”

Passing On The Vintage

Here’s a 10 minute pose from last week’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. I worked onto a heavy textured vintage paper – it doesn’t have a watermark so I don’t know the make. Over the past few years I have been given loads of vintage papers, and some tools as well, by relativesContinue reading “Passing On The Vintage”

Building The Woman In Gold

I carried on doing some work on my copy of Gustav Klimt’s “Woman In Gold” today, building up the layers of sumptuous decoration on her dress and the background. I started this a few weeks ago when I enrolled on a Zoom painting tutorial taught by the painter Ed Sumner. Ed has been running freeContinue reading “Building The Woman In Gold”

The Foreshortened Foot

Here’s the 60 minute pose from last week’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. I like the quicker poses because they lead to more energised drawings but the long pose allows me to concentrate on technical practice. I used a sanguine coloured conté crayon onto a heavyweight ivory coloured vintage handmade paper. The foot isContinue reading “The Foreshortened Foot”

The 60 Minute Pose

Here’s a 60 minute pose from life drawing session a few nights ago at Swansea Print Workshop. It has some difficult foreshortening and I ended up with two hands, two feet and a head which is a lot of drawing.  It’s distorted but I like that. I admire the work of Egon Schiele, who alsoContinue reading “The 60 Minute Pose”

Another Fabulous Faking Friday

This weeks Friday fake with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook is The Daisies by Matisse. It’s a lovely composition, strong and simple with fabulous colours. I read that Matisse hoarded tons of stuff so that he had loads to choose from to arrange in his still life and portrait paintings yet his styleContinue reading “Another Fabulous Faking Friday”

Finally Finished Faking Funny Face

Because Husb and I went away last weekend I fell behind with my faking painting. So today I caught up and finished this copy of Henri Rousseau’s funny-faced painting “The Mandrill” that I started over a week ago. I’m joining in with painter Ed Sumner’s Friday Facebook painting class, The Cheese And Wine Painting Club,Continue reading “Finally Finished Faking Funny Face”