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Waiting At The Station

28 Sep

Here’s a little scribble I did in my sketchbook the other week when I was waiting for the train back from Glasgow. What a brilliant city, I loved it. I like doing these tiny drawings of everyday life into my sketchbook, just little slices of normality which mean more to me than ever before after 16 months of the pandemic.

This is the last few days of my September fundraiser for LATCH: The Children’s Cancer Charity.

This is me with my young nephew who has been helped enormously by LATCH over the past 3 years. We’ve got together to raise funds for LATCH, which is a small independent charity. Please click on the link below to find out more. Thanks xxx

LATCH, The Children’s Cancer Charity, Painting Fundraiser

I’ve been painting these ‘fakes’ with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook since lockdown started in Spring 2020. I’m selling some of them to raise funds for this lovely charity which has given so much support to my young nephew over the past few years.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is boats-at-arles-small.jpg

If you would like to see the paintings and maybe buy one, please click on the boats picture to visit the page. Thanks xxx

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