Taking Liberties

Here’s the longer pose (one hour) from this week’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. The previous drawings in the session had been quite academic, in conte crayon, and I really wanted to let go a bit so I grabbed a much bigger sheet of paper and some Daler Rowney oil pastels and focusedContinue reading “Taking Liberties”

Draw What You See …..

Here’s a longer pose from this week’s life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop, 30 minutes, using conte crayons in sanguine and black onto cartridge paper. There’s some pretty extreme foreshortening with this and her left foot was at an odd angle so the shape of it is really weird, but I kept checking and it’sContinue reading “Draw What You See …..”

Faffing With Salvador

I carried on painting my copy of Salvador Dali’s “Christ of Saint John on the Cross” that I started a couple of weeks ago in a Zoom tutorial with the painter Ed Sumner, who runs the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. I started studying with Ed at the beginning of lockdown last year.Continue reading “Faffing With Salvador”

Tonight At Life Drawing

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. Here’s a 10 minute pose. I blocked in the figures with the flat side of a conte crayon before I added the linework. Tired now, off to bed. Nos Da, Good Night. My lovely nephew (in the middle) along with these other wonderful young people haveContinue reading “Tonight At Life Drawing”

Painting A Hockney In Under A Minute

Here’s a timelapse film of me painting a copy of Yorkshire Wolds by David Hockney in under a minute. It took me a lot longer in real life! It’s one of my pandemic lockdown paintings that I’ve been doing through the past 16 months or so with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook.Continue reading “Painting A Hockney In Under A Minute”

Tidying Up

I did a painting of Sparta Puss way back towards the beginning of The Pandemic Lockdown early last year, something a bit fun to put into my window to entertain people out on their regulation 1 hour a day walks. I did it very quickly and now I’m thinking of entering it for an exhibition.Continue reading “Tidying Up”

Monday Video: Epic Scenery In 36 Seconds

I’ve been browsing my YouTube channel and I’d forgotten a lot of the stuff on there, especially the earlier films. So I thought I’d spend the next few Mondays posting some of my art videos. Husb is the tecchie filmie person in the household and he puts these short films together. This is me sittingContinue reading “Monday Video: Epic Scenery In 36 Seconds”

Not All Bish Bash Bosh

There are some odd ideas out there about what it is that artists do, how we make a work of art. Many seem to think that we get the materials together and Bish Bash Bosh, there it is on the canvas, or the plinth, or hot off the printing press. But the reality is lotsContinue reading “Not All Bish Bash Bosh”

Scribbling In The Wind

Nice day so went for a walk out of the city, along the Pennard Pill valley route to Three Cliffs Bay. It was cloudy and very windy so I only stopped to do a quick scribble, with Daler Rowney soft pastels onto Khadi paper. There’s a stone spiral, called by locals “the labyrinth” where theContinue reading “Scribbling In The Wind”

Giving It A Go

It’s almost half a century since I rocked up, in flares and platforms, at the Foundation Course in Swansea Art School, determined to be a painter. Then I did the module in printmaking and retired my paintbrushes. Until the pandemic lockdown started in Spring last year. We were only allowed out of the house forContinue reading “Giving It A Go”