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Not All Bish Bash Bosh

24 Oct

There are some odd ideas out there about what it is that artists do, how we make a work of art. Many seem to think that we get the materials together and Bish Bash Bosh, there it is on the canvas, or the plinth, or hot off the printing press. But the reality is lots of preparation, lots of jotting down ideas, lots of working things out before even getting your hands on a prepared canvas or a piece of stone or a block of lino. So here’s my starting point for what I hope will be a new series of woodcut prints. The pad on the left is kept at my bedside and I scribble any ideas that pop up at 4 o clock in the morning – it happens most nights. The sketchbook on the right is for my first jottings and thumbnail sketches, based on the vetted ideas from my bedside book. The process will be long …..oh yes……

My lovely nephew (in the middle) along with these other wonderful young people have benefitted from the Children In Need charity and now they’re giving something back. They’re the Surprise Squad (more about them here) and you can follow their adventures on BBC1s “The One Show“, 15th – 18th November. I know that times are hard, but if you can spare a quid or two, please consider donating to Children In Need (here). They really do make a difference to young lives. Thank you xxx

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