Teeny Tiny Ceramics

Here are nine tiny little fired clay crucibles, decorated with oxides and glazes and fired in a portable Japanese raku kiln. I made them back last summer, during a bit of a break in the lockdown restrictions, when I took part in a pottery project headed up by ceramicist Esther Ley as part of SwanseaContinue reading “Teeny Tiny Ceramics”

Stop Being Soppy!

I’m doing some freelance teaching at the moment, working with a group of adults to develop artworks in collage. Today I was showing them examples of collage using papers that the artists had coloured or marked themselves. I dug out some that I did a while back. Just Materials! Trouble is, I never get roundContinue reading “Stop Being Soppy!”

Scraping And Scribbling

I’m feeling a bit better each day as the Covid19 symptoms are going and I’m getting a bit stronger, and today was the first since the illness started 10 days ago that I’ve been able to think about doing anything remotely arty. Whenever I do a painting, I scrape any leftover acrylic paint onto spareContinue reading “Scraping And Scribbling”

Wipe Out

Still testing positive for Covid19 and still completely wiped out. The other symptoms are gone now, but I’m just so tired that I can’t even work up the energy and motivation to do a quick scribble of the cat! So here’s one I did a while back, for #Caturday. A Chance To Own One OfContinue reading “Wipe Out”

What Next With The Blues?

Husb and I are still recovering from Covid19, the symptoms are more or less gone but we’re both totally exhausted and my brain has turned to mush! I don’t have the energy or thought processes to so any artwork so I took a look at a piece of tie-dye a did a few weeks ago,Continue reading “What Next With The Blues?”

Got The Covids So Here’s A Video

Feeling tired and miserable as I’ve finally been hit with Covid19. The symptoms haven’t been too bad except that I’m exhausted and my brain doesn’t work, so I thought I’d trawl through my YouTube channel (Yes I have one) and post some of my arty videos until I can get doing some proper artwork again.Continue reading “Got The Covids So Here’s A Video”

Drawing More Darkness In The Darkness

Here’s another drawing in the dark I did last weekend at a small arts festival, “Kilvey Ole”, I went to on one of Swansea’s hillsides. It was very dark there so I could hardly see the paper or the marks I was making. But also, the people and things I was drawing were in darknessContinue reading “Drawing More Darkness In The Darkness”

Drawing Darkness In The Darkness

Husb and I went to a mini-festival on one of the city’s hills last weekend. It was very dark and we wandered in and out of small barns listening to music and poetry. I had a go drawing the darkness in the darkness. I couldn’t see the paper I was drawing on so had noContinue reading “Drawing Darkness In The Darkness”

Then It Went Pear-Shaped!

Disaster. I cut the eighth stencil and printed it onto my screenprint landscape of Waun Wen, in a translucent sap green …. and it’s HORRIBLE! I hate it! It just goes to show that in spite of careful planning and having something in your mind’s eye, things can suddenly go pear-shaped. I didn’t print themContinue reading “Then It Went Pear-Shaped!”

A Lot Of Cutting…..

Today I cut the seventh paper stencil to screenprint onto my view of Waun Wen, a second cutting of the little houses snuggling on the hill. I mixed up a warm grey then added a dollop of gold to take it into a sort of creamy, slightly sparkly pale olive colour. The process is gettingContinue reading “A Lot Of Cutting…..”