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The 60 Minute Pose

Here’s a 60 minute pose from life drawing session a few nights ago at Swansea Print Workshop. It has some difficult foreshortening and I ended up with two hands, two feet and a head which is a lot of drawing.  It’s distorted but I like that. I admire the work of Egon Schiele, who also […]

Another Fabulous Faking Friday

This weeks Friday fake with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook is The Daisies by Matisse. It’s a lovely composition, strong and simple with fabulous colours. I read that Matisse hoarded tons of stuff so that he had loads to choose from to arrange in his still life and portrait paintings yet his style […]

Finally Finished Faking Funny Face

Because Husb and I went away last weekend I fell behind with my faking painting. So today I caught up and finished this copy of Henri Rousseau’s funny-faced painting “The Mandrill” that I started over a week ago. I’m joining in with painter Ed Sumner’s Friday Facebook painting class, The Cheese And Wine Painting Club, […]

A Change Of Paper

I’ve been working on black paper for a few weeks, in life drawing, but I ran out last night so I switched to some lovely old heavyweight handmade ivory paper that I was given a whle back. I carried on using the conté crayons though, in black, sanguine and white. The new paper completely altered […]

Another Night At Life Drawing

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Worksop and I’m shattered. So I’m off to bed. I used black, white and sanguine conté crayons onto black paper.

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