Public Engagement

I believe art is what happens between a piece of work and the person experiencing it. This is as true about making the work as displaying it.  I also feel that some of the more challenging art can be seen as elitist or “not for the likes of us” or even that it is unachievable by ordinary mortals.

Art is Doable

I want people to see that art is doable and that, if you are prepared to get your hands dirty and pitch in, the experience can be fun and liberating. It can also produce a better, more in-depth appreciation and understanding of the world we live in than news or current affairs which after all, has to be the aim of any good art.

In this section, you can see a few of the projects I have initiated and been involved with in recent years.  To see the individual projects, pass your cursor over the “Public Engagement” link in the menu.

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