The Bagpuss Window

Bagpuss lived in a shop window which was full of curios and strange objects. Local artist Melanie Ezra and I took over an old, almost derelict shop earmarked for demolition in Swansea’s High Street, courtesy of Coastal Housing Group, for three weeks. It was a public access pop-up studio for ourselves and any artists who wanted to wander in, professional and amateur.


We also used the huge window as a constantly changing tableau of our art, work-in-progress, materials, tools and all sorts of curious objects that inspired and interested us. Bagpuss’ Window was a great way of interesting people who would normally feel intimidated about engaging with an artspace but a lot came in because it was so easy and inviting.

200 Visitors

In three weeks we had around 200 different people visiting, about half artists and the others local residents and passers-by.  Here are some links for more information:

YouTube – an overview of Bagpuss Window


Blog about Bagpuss Window with short films of a lot of the arty shenanigans –


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