The White Rose Saboteurs

23 May

A very moving blog post from artist Patti McJones

via The White Rose Saboteurs


Fast Woman

12 May

A thought provoking and beautifully drawn artblog from Patti McJones  via Fast Woman


Celebrating the drawn line

27 Apr

A lovely blog from Michael Richards about the joys of drawing via Celebrating the drawn line


Singing with Death

8 Apr

A terrific live art blog from the Swansea-based artist Patti McJones


via Singing with Death


Being the change

18 Mar

Cool en plein air drawings from Swansea-based artist Patti McJones via Being the change


Playing with poison

8 Mar

A very interesting blog from artist Patti McJones about her work in the Cyanotype technique.


via Playing with poison


Universally ambiguous (more revolting)

4 Feb

Patricia McKenna-Jones and I are Revolting Women


via Universally ambiguous (more revolting)


One of many women who should be remembered:

19 Jan

Fellow artist and blogger, Patricia McKenna Jones, has done some important work about women who resisted the Nazis …..


via One of many women who should be remembered:


More revolting plans:

17 Jan

The artist Patti McJones and I are getting up to arty shenanigans …..


via More revolting plans:


An Urban Sketcher In The USA

3 Nov

I follow quite a lot of other bloggers on WordPress, mostly artists, and this is one I admire very much. Pete Scully’s urban sketches are fabulous – they’re unassuming snippets of the small American town he lives in (mostly) but they are also beautifully drawn, gently chronicling modern life.


On a corner of Old North Davis is a house I drew at the end of a crisp sunny October day in 2008. I remember I left work early that day, and cycled up beyond 5th Street, still then a fairly unknown country for a South Davis-dweller such as me, to the Old North neighbourhood, […]

via ten years later — petescully

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