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15Hundred Lives Exhibitions


August 2015  Oriel Ceri Richards Gallery, Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea

April 2015   Swansea Museum

December 2013  The Brunswick, Swansea

February 2013  The White Room Gallery, Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing

Swansea on The Map an artist’s walk


July 2015   AmeriCymru

March 2015   Available on Amazon

March 2015   Available at Waterstones

April 2015  A word from the publisher

Other Group exhibitions


July 2016 Divided By The Meltwater

December 2015 The SPace Pop-up exhibition

October 2015 Swansea Print Workshop

April 2014 Satrang Gallery Islamabad

May 2013   Commensalis exhibition Walcot Chapel, Bath

April 2012   Elysium Studios Launch

August 2012   Tros Gynnal Plant, Charity Auction

September 2012   Elysium Gallery Launch

15Hundred Lives at Creative Bubble

17 hare 3


February 2016 (view gallery) Work to enhance Swansea centre paying off


January 2015   Curiouser and Curiouser

February 2015   Casting Balls and Legomen

March 2015   Weirdness and Kisses

April 2015   Fashion Statement

April 2015   Art Group Host Creative Workshop in Swansea


January 2014   This month’s topic is recycle

February 2014   AMOROUS art fans should head to the Swansea

March 2014   What goes into making a work of art?

September 2014   Wool into works of art

November 2014   Studies in light space and colour


August 2013   The heart of the city

October 2013    World’s biggest drawing festival

November 2013  What do artists do all day

December 2013   Feed the Artists

Online Presence


Leftovers Exhibition at Swansea Print Workshop

Swansea Museum Exhibition

Linkedin Profile

Workers Gallery & Workshops Exhibition

Swansea print workshop Profile

Artawe Profile

Commensalis Profile

Facebook page 


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