The Undiscovered

1 Dec

I’m in the process of redrawing the series of major drawings of ancient standing stones I did earlier this year. This is the Cockett Valley stone, undiscovered for thousands of years until woodland clearance in the 1970s took place to extend the school playing fields. It’s now out in the open, overlooking the small river snaking along Cockett Valley. I’m redrawing into an A4 brown paper sketchbook with a limited pallette of black, white and sanguine conté crayons, with a view to developing a suite of lino or wood cut prints next year.

Golden Light

30 Nov

I saw a brief interview on the television this evening with the actor Timothy Spall talking about his role in Mike Leigh’s film, Mr. Turner. He did a lot of art training for it and said that one of the things that has lasted is that he now looks hard at everything around him, noticing far more than he did before. And I think that’s something that artists do, we look more than most people and the more you look, the more you see. I took these photos this evening as I was walking home from the print workshop. The light from the low winter sun was gorgeous, golden and sparkling and illuminating the dingy urban alleyways.


I have some work in both the exhibitions below, if you’re passing through The Rhondda Valley or Cardiff, please pop in…..

Stone In Steps

29 Nov


I’m using my sketchbook to redraw from my recent series of drawings en plein air of Neolithic standing stones. I’m trying to simplify them and get down to their essence, using conté crayons in black, sanguine and white. The sketchbook is an A4 size brown paper spiral bound from Seawhites of Brighton. My phone takes good photos. It’s brilliant. I like photographing my work in stages to remind myself how it develops.

Redraw, Reinterpret

28 Nov



I’m redrawing into my sketchbook from the series of drawings I did of Neolithic monuments across South Wales earlier this year. It gives me a chance to reinterpret the original work and see what comes out of it. I’m thinking maybe lino cuts?

Paring It Down

27 Nov paring-down


I did a series of drawings en plein air throughout the year, travelling across South Wales to draw Neolithic and Bronze Age stone monuments. I’m now redrawing them into a sketchbook because I want to pare them down, get to the essence of them, see what the vital details are and see what I come up with. Purely experimental at this stage but already I’m getting ideas for etchings and lino cuts. hmmmmm


I have some work in both the exhibitions below, if you’re passing through The Rhondda Valley or Cardiff, please pop in…..



Pushing Myself

26 Nov carreg-goch


I did a large series of drawings of Neolithic stone monuments throughout the past year, drawing en plein air, and I recently started to draw from the drawings to try to push mysef into more abstraction. I’m using three colours of conté crayon, white, black and sanguine into my new A4 size brown paper sketchbook. I like drawing onto coloured paper, it breaks the tyranny of the pristine white space. This is Carreg Coch (The Red Stone) in Carmarthenshire which is embedded in a hedge and surrounded by barbed wire, which helps to protect it. Many ancient stones have been moved or destroyed.


I have some work in both the exhibitions below, if you’re passing through The Rhondda Valley or Cardiff, please pop in


The Mari Llwyd

25 Nov mari-llwyd-2


Just back from Swansea Storytelling Club where there was a brief appearance from a Mari Llwyd, an ancient Welsh tradition based on a horse’s skull. It was made by local artist and musician, David Pitt. Of course, I scribbled it…….


I have some work in both the exhibitions below, if you’re passing through The Rhondda Valley or Cardiff, please pop in🙂



A Beautiful Head

24 Nov chizi


Just back from a life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop – I concentrated on portraiture this week. I drew with conté crayons in white, black and sanguine. I made a Victoria Sandwich for our tea break with home made jostaberry jam. Now I’m tired and off to bed. Good night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I have some work in both the exhibitions below, if you’re passing through The Rhondda Valley or Cardiff, please pop in🙂



Sketchbooking The Stones

23 Nov penlan-uchaf


I spent many days between February and August this year travelling across South Wales drawing ancestral stones, which were exhibited in The Workers Gallery in September. Today, I decided to break open my new brown paper sketchbook and conté crayons and started to redraw my previous work, not copying it but using it to develop ideas and new directions in drawing. I normally work directly from life en plein air, so this is quite different for me. I did quite a few and I really enjoyed it. I might just go and fill the sketchbook this way.

I have work featured in two exhibitions at the moment – in The Workers Gallery in The Rhondda Valley and at Llanover Hall in Cardiff, both lovely venues and worth a look-in if you’re in the area.


Luscious Leftovers

22 Nov leftovers-6

Here I am with over a hundred luscious leftover prints just arrived from The Workers Gallery in The Rhondda Valley

Once upon a time, the printmakers of Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, USA  were cleaning out their flat files and found dozens of little scraps of printmaking papers jamming up the drawers. Realising they probably weren’t alone with the dilemma of what to do with all those too-precious-to-throw-out leftover paper scraps, they issued an invitation to fellow printmakers around the globe to participate in a print exchange to use all those lovely bits of paper. Artists submit an edition of 14 miniature prints and received a dozen prints in return. One print is included in a silent auction to raise funds for the Hunger Relief Task Force in the State and the final one of the edition joins an international touring exhibition.

Now in its sixth year, the exchange include printmakers from Australia to Arizona, Canada to Colorado, Nevada to Norway to New Zealand, Korea to Kansas, Wales to Washington, and places in between.

The box of over a hundred little prints recently crossed the Atlantic from Reno to The Rhondda and is now about to be exhibited in Swansea Print Workshop through December and January.


My collection of twelve prints from Leftovers VI from artists across the world

The show opens with a traditional Welsh tea, with lashings of bara brith and other luscious home-made cakes, from 5 – 7 on Tuesday December 6th at Swansea Print Workshop and runs daily from 10.30 – 4.00 daily (except Mondays) with a break over the Xmas holidays, until January the 8th.

Venue: Swansea Print Workshop, 19a Clarence Street, Swansea SA1 3QR.

For more information please check the Swansea Print Workshop website.

Wingtip Press has just put out a call for Leftovers VII – if you’re a printmaker and you want to participate, please follow this link here.



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