Art In A War Zone

The work of the Pictoric art group.

I would like to highlight the work of the Pictoric artists who are living in and producing artwork about the war in Ukraine. They reached out to international friends and colleagues asking for help to show the artworks they were doing under bombardment.  

Swansea Print Workshop (SPW) is one of the first artist organisations in the UK to respond and SPW member Melvyn Williams quickly set up an exhibition of some of the hundreds of artworks showing the realities of life in a modern warzone. Click here to see the exhibition.

For more work by the group see their Instagram account here. Their own website is at but access from the UK seems to be patchy at best.

Most war art is officially commissioned and filtered through the political lens of governments or the military. This art is by people on the ground reacting to what is happening to them as it is happening. It is an historical document and an insight into the real lives of people who want the world to know what they are going through. Perhaps most of all it is a testimony to the human spirit which is the same in Ukraine as it is here. If you want to know what we would feel like, how we would react if we were invaded, this art will show you.

Melvyn has also made a short film featuring some of the artists in the Pictoric group which can be seen below. The interviews were recorded on the 20th April 2022.

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