Presenting The Picture

I’m painting scraps of paper to use for collage so each piece might end up being ripped apart when it’s finally used, but while I was photographing them and getting them ready to blog, I realised that they just couldn’t be plonked down at random. Each one has a “best side” and I rotated themContinue reading “Presenting The Picture”

Squiggles For Collage

I’ve been a bit lethargic because of the Covids and my brain is fuzzy so I’ve just been having a bit of a play with paints and paper, daubing squiggles of Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint onto some really lovely scraps of Bockingford paper that I’m hoping to use at some time for collage. TakingContinue reading “Squiggles For Collage”

Scraping And Scribbling

I’m feeling a bit better each day as the Covid19 symptoms are going and I’m getting a bit stronger, and today was the first since the illness started 10 days ago that I’ve been able to think about doing anything remotely arty. Whenever I do a painting, I scrape any leftover acrylic paint onto spareContinue reading “Scraping And Scribbling”

What Next With The Blues?

Husb and I are still recovering from Covid19, the symptoms are more or less gone but we’re both totally exhausted and my brain has turned to mush! I don’t have the energy or thought processes to so any artwork so I took a look at a piece of tie-dye a did a few weeks ago,Continue reading “What Next With The Blues?”

Got The Covids So Here’s A Video

Feeling tired and miserable as I’ve finally been hit with Covid19. The symptoms haven’t been too bad except that I’m exhausted and my brain doesn’t work, so I thought I’d trawl through my YouTube channel (Yes I have one) and post some of my arty videos until I can get doing some proper artwork again.Continue reading “Got The Covids So Here’s A Video”

Speed Scribbling At The Vaccination Centre

I had the first of my Covid19 vaccinations today, what a relief. And a lovely day out as the vaccination centre is in the beautiful Margam Park Orangery. The most excitement I’ve had in months! There was a little bit of sitting down to do, so I did some very speedy continuous line sketches. TheContinue reading “Speed Scribbling At The Vaccination Centre”

Herstory And The Artist Support Pledge

A while back I did a series of screenprint portraits, I call them “Herstory”, of women artists I greatly admire. I don’t like to have favourites but perhaps top of my list – just – is the incomparable Käthe Kollwitz, active in Germany from the late 19th century to the end of World War 2.Continue reading “Herstory And The Artist Support Pledge”

Sharpening Tools

Just carrying on cutting blocks today for my pandemic printmaking project. I’m still in the early stages but I know what I need to do and that’s most of the battle, to be honest. I keep my tools super sharp as I’m carving the lino, using my Flexcut Slip Strop. I’ve cut almost a thirdContinue reading “Sharpening Tools”

Not Just Faking And Baking

I’ve been looking at my blog posts over the past few months and it looks as if I spend most of my time baking or faking (with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Fridays) or drawing trees. But behind the scenes I’ve been carrying on with my pandemic-inspired project which involves, in the firstContinue reading “Not Just Faking And Baking”

My Cat Is A Chonky Cat

It’s pouring down and there are floods locally, so I’m not going on my government-sanctioned lockdown walk today. Which means I won’t be going to the park to draw some dramatic trees. So I grabbed some willow charcoal and scribbled my cat instead. Looking at her objectively, I think the vet might be right, sheContinue reading “My Cat Is A Chonky Cat”