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Then Came The Deluge

27 Jun

3 Cwmdonkin


Husb and I went for our daily authorised exercise today and ended up in the lovely Cwmdonkin Park where I stopped to draw this very striking row of trees. I laid down the basic details with willow charcoal into a Khadi sketchbook – then the heaven’s opened and a deluge of Biblical proportions hit! I ran under a large tree and managed to spray the sketch with fixative before it got smudged. I like it though. It’s the quickest one I’ve done and has the least detail. But I think it also has the most dynamism – it’s getting towards an Expressionistic style. I love European Expressionism so I’m well chuffed with it. The weather forced me to be much braver and more spontaneous than I would normally be.

Charcoal And Chips

17 Jun

2 Cwmdonkin

We did our government-sanctioned lockdown exercise this evening and I stopped for a quick charcoal sketch of this pair of trees in Cwmdonkin Park. It was a bit of a rush because Husb phoned the local chippy and ordered fish and chips so we had to get there in time to pick them up while they were fresh. Oh they’re gorgeous. The sketch is willow charcoal onto handmade Khadi paper.

Clean, Green And Safe

16 Jun

Khadi Cwmdonkin

Husb and I have gone out for a walk most days since the pandemic lockdown started. We’re not at risk so we can have a government sanctioned hour a day. It’s really made me appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful city. Swansea is so green with loads of parks, wilded areas and the beach. There was a report a few weeks ago that 1 in 8 British people don’t have access to safe, clean outdoor spaces and of course, they’re the poorest people in society.  This is something that has to be changed once the pandemic is over. Cities can be greened and made safe, there’s no excuse.

I stopped to draw earlier in Cwmdonkin Park, where the poet Dylan Thomas played as a child. There are some wonderful trees; this one might have been a sapling when Dylan played here. I used Winsor & Newton willow charcoal into a Khadi handmade paper sketchbook.


7 Sep


Husb and I spent a couple of happy hours yesterday with friends in Cwmdonkin Park, made famous by the author and poet, Dylan Thomas. It’s the centenary of his birth this year and there are loads of events to commemorate it in Swansea, including the arts fair in Cwmdonkin, with music, poetry and visual arts. There was also a burger van. I did this sketch into my leather Steampunk sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and B.

Action Again

28 Jun


Here’s a couple of pages from my tiny A6 spotty sketchbook. Husb and I were having a cool drink at the rather lovely cafe in Cwmdonkin Park. It’s right by the tennis courts so I did a bit of action scribbling. It’s good practice as I have to focus on what’s fundamental to the figures rather than trying to capture details. It was challenging to draw the racquets as they form a strange extension to the arms.

Drawn with a Faber Castell Pitt pen size S.

In Dylan’s Park

7 Dec

07 cwmdonkin

Had a lovely day, first at Uplands Outdoor Market, bought loads of wonderful local produce and some hand-made Xmas presents – result! Then picked up the little nephew and went to ‘A Child’s Mystical Xmas’ in Cwmdonkin Park.  It’s just around the corner from where Dylan Thomas grew up and he played in it throughout his childhood; it features in some of his work. The old bandstand has been turned into a very nice little cafe where we sat outside, it’s surprisingly warm, and had tea and Welsh cakes; I resisted the Christmas Pudding with Joe’s Icecream advertised on the chalkboard. I sketched the boy with his hot chocolate. He’s 9 now and his features are changing quickly, he doesn’t look so much like an alien and his nose is almost an adult shape.

Later on, we made lemon curd for more Xmas presents and Husb and the boy decorated the Xmas tree. Sparta the cat subverted them every step of the way. She’s delighted to have a tree to climb indoors 😦

The Cwmdonkin Cuppa

27 May

27 cuppa

Well, today was Bank Holiday Monday and true to British tradition, the weather was dreadful, cold, windy and pouring with rain. Luckily, Husb and I went for a nice long walk yesterday when it was lovely and sunny and we ended up in Cwmdonkin Park, made famous by Dylan Thomas, who lived close by and played in the park as a child. The lovely old pavilion, painted a traditional green and white, is now a little cafe serving tea and Joe’s ice cream, scones and cakes. We stopped for a nice cuppa and I scribbled the little teapot on the wooden slatted table. I especially liked the way the shadows folded down between the strips of wood.

Drawn into my A5 pink recycled sari sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens in sepia, sizes F and S.

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