Plants Are For Eating….

I spent a day at Swansea’s Botanical Gardens in Singleton Park last week, part of a three day drawing and screenprint course held by Edinburgh-based artist Kelly Stewart. It was interesting to draw there, but I’ve got to be honest, plants just don’t float my boat unless they’re on a plate ready to eat ๐Ÿ˜€Continue reading “Plants Are For Eating….”

Scribbling In The Cheese.

I had a couple of days in London last week with work, and I went with some of my colleagues on an evening walking tour of the historic pubs of old London. It was brilliant, good fun and so full of history and interest. The guide was brilliant and showed us lots of the tinyContinue reading “Scribbling In The Cheese.”

A Long Weekend

It’s been a busy week and it didn’t let up at the weekend. I did a three-day drawing and screenprint course run by Edinburgh-based artist Kelly Stewart at Swansea Print Workshop, making multi-layer photo-stencil prints. It was great but I’m shattered. So off to chill now ๐Ÿ˜€ A Chance To Own One Of My ArtworksContinue reading “A Long Weekend”

The Sugar Loaf, Wales.

I visited the Brecon Beacons Visitor Centre near Libanus earlier this week and I joined a group on a guided walk and took off into the hills. Looking North East, I saw The Sugar Loaf, near Abergavenny, and had a scribble with my new Derwent Inktense blocks. I had a watercolour brush with a reservoirContinue reading “The Sugar Loaf, Wales.”

Scribbling In The Mountains.

Here’s another sketch I did yesterday when I was visiting the Brecon Beacons. I walked a little way from the Visitor’s Centre to an ancient standing stone and noticed dark clouds looming above Pen Y Fan in the distance. So I sat on the grass and scribbled the view with Derwent Inktense blocks onto heavyweightContinue reading “Scribbling In The Mountains.”

Up The Beacons.

I was up the Brecon Beacons today, at the National Park Visitor Centre near Libanus, and it was gloriously sunny. So I had to have a scribble, didn’t I? Pen Y Fan mountain was in the distance so I did a quick sketch using my new Derwent Inktense blocks onto heavyweight Khadi paper. I reallyContinue reading “Up The Beacons.”

The Finished Bottom…

Almost finished copying Dali’s painting “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross“. Today I did the final details on the bottom half of the picture, the sea and sky, the distant mountains and the foreground figures. I’m using Liquitex Heavy Body acrylics onto a stretched canvas with Winsor & Newton brushes for acrylics. It’s muchContinue reading “The Finished Bottom…”

Upside Down Again.

STILL painting my copy of Dali’s “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross”. It’s the really complicated detailed bits now, so I learnt from my last one, Manet’s “A Bar At The Folies Bergere” that it’s easier at this stage of copying to turn it all upside down. That way you see what’s there, notContinue reading “Upside Down Again.”

I carried on painting my copy of Salvador Dali’s “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross“. I started it last October in Ed Sumner’s ‘Cheese and Wine Painting Club‘ on Facebook. I’ve seen the original in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum – it’s HUGE! I’m loving doing the figure because it’s right in my comfort zone, decadesContinue reading


Greetings Bald Monkeys! Sparta Puss here. I haven’t been able to get my paws on the Hairless Apes pooter box for ages so my fans haven’t heard from me for a while. The stupid she-simian was staring at me earlier ….. so I stared right back at her! She had that stick with a dirtyContinue reading “Cattitude!”