The Finished Bottom…

Almost finished copying Dali’s painting “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross“. Today I did the final details on the bottom half of the picture, the sea and sky, the distant mountains and the foreground figures. I’m using Liquitex Heavy Body acrylics onto a stretched canvas with Winsor & Newton brushes for acrylics. It’s muchContinue reading “The Finished Bottom…”

Upside Down Again.

STILL painting my copy of Dali’s “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross”. It’s the really complicated detailed bits now, so I learnt from my last one, Manet’s “A Bar At The Folies Bergere” that it’s easier at this stage of copying to turn it all upside down. That way you see what’s there, notContinue reading “Upside Down Again.”

I carried on painting my copy of Salvador Dali’s “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross“. I started it last October in Ed Sumner’s ‘Cheese and Wine Painting Club‘ on Facebook. I’ve seen the original in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum – it’s HUGE! I’m loving doing the figure because it’s right in my comfort zone, decadesContinue reading

Knocking Back The Orange.

Here’s another masterpiece I started copying last year, October, in one of painter Ed Sumner’s tutorials, Surrealist Salvador Dali’s “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross”.  I started studying weekly with Ed at the beginning of lockdown in 2020. I didn’t think that the pandemic would last so long, but it’s meant that I’ve learnedContinue reading “Knocking Back The Orange.”

Painting A Hockney In Under A Minute

Here’s a timelapse film of me painting a copy of Yorkshire Wolds by David Hockney in under a minute. It took me a lot longer in real life! It’s one of my pandemic lockdown paintings that I’ve been doing through the past 16 months or so with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook.Continue reading “Painting A Hockney In Under A Minute”

Tidying Up

I did a painting of Sparta Puss way back towards the beginning of The Pandemic Lockdown early last year, something a bit fun to put into my window to entertain people out on their regulation 1 hour a day walks. I did it very quickly and now I’m thinking of entering it for an exhibition.Continue reading “Tidying Up”

Normal Service Has Resumed …….

It’s October and it’s back to normal with life drawing, sketching, painting and printmaking. Through September I mostly blogged about my charity fundraiser, but now I’m going to be posting about my everyday arts practice so here goes with some of the life drawings that have been building up over the past month. I wasContinue reading “Normal Service Has Resumed …….”

Thank you for contributing

My September painting fundraiser for LATCH, The Children’s Cancer Charity, is now officially over. Thank you to all those who bought paintings and donated. Also to those who shared and cheered from the side-lines. We raised £850 from the paintings and I know there were also people who donated directly to LATCH. It’s been a fantastic month.Continue reading “Thank you for contributing”

Tomorrow Is The Last Day …..

Tomorrow is the last day of my fundraiser for LATCH: The Children’s Cancer Charity. September is Child Cancer Awareness Month and I chose to raise funds for LATCH because it is a wonderful, small, independent charity that has helped my young nephew throughout three and a half years of painful chemotherapy and surgery. These paintingsContinue reading “Tomorrow Is The Last Day …..”

The Red Tree At High Speed And A Cat

I painted this “fake” of Piet Mondrian’s “Evening: The Red Tree” recently and Husb made a time-lapse film of it – all done in under a minute – I wish!! Sparta Puss hung out with me while I painted. Here’s the video below. This is the last few days of my September fundraiser for LATCH:Continue reading “The Red Tree At High Speed And A Cat”