Sparta Says …. What A Lazy Monkey!

Sparta Puss says “Nadolig Llawen” which is Welsh for “Merry Christmas”. She’s a bit late but this lazy monkey has been having a couple of days off and didn’t get round to posting it until today. She is not impressed. I hope that everyone had a Cool Yule and plenty of food, presents and rest.Continue reading “Sparta Says …. What A Lazy Monkey!”

Looking Back (With A Kitten)

Oh the glamour of being an artist. Sorting through my drawers. I decided to spend a bit of time this evening organising my plans chest, which meant rediscovering some of my older work. It was good, remembering how I’d done things a while back. This mixed media piece started as a drawing with a lifeContinue reading “Looking Back (With A Kitten)”

Someone Else’s Cat

Husb and I had a socially distanced visit to some friends over the recent Bank Holiday. Their lives are graced by a magnificent Bengal cat. Unforunately, he was socially distancing as well so I wasn’t able to have a cuddle with him. I took some photos and had a quick scribble this evening, with FaberContinue reading “Someone Else’s Cat”


Greetings Trained Monkeys. Sparta Puss here. The hairless apes have left the pooter box unattended again. I’ve had a fun 24 hours. Last night, I hid in the rhubarb patch when the she-simian was looking for me to get me to come in – I’m curfewed from dusk because I’m a murderer. She ran allContinue reading “#Catitude”

Sparta Puss Here

Greetings trained monkeys. Sparta Puss here. I’ve managed to get my paws on the pooter box while my hairless apes are preparing themselves for something called a Zoom Quiz. Idiots. I thought you’d like to see me. I’m posing with something called a buk. It is a special buk that the she-monkey pokes with aContinue reading “Sparta Puss Here”

Kitty Scribbles

Had one of those bitty days today. I carried on carving small lino blocks and as a bit of light relief I had a quick scribble with willow charcoal as Sparta Puss was lazing around. She has a houseful of beds, comfy chairs, cushions as well as a sunny garden bench with a blanket justContinue reading “Kitty Scribbles”

My Cat Is A Chonky Cat

It’s pouring down and there are floods locally, so I’m not going on my government-sanctioned lockdown walk today. Which means I won’t be going to the park to draw some dramatic trees. So I grabbed some willow charcoal and scribbled my cat instead. Looking at her objectively, I think the vet might be right, sheContinue reading “My Cat Is A Chonky Cat”

Carving And A Wriggly Cat

More of the same today, designing text for my little lino blocks then transferring and cutting. These are numbers 19 and 20 so I think I might stop cutting for a while and get on with printing them onto fabric and making masks. And I did another quick charcoal sketch of Sparta Puss. She wasContinue reading “Carving And A Wriggly Cat”

Carving Blocks And The Charcoal Cat.

More of the same today, transferring words to little lino blocks, in reverse, and carving them. I’ve compiled a list of words and phrases as we’ve travelled through the pandemic lockdown. Eventually I’ll have a whole load of these printed up and made into masks. I’ve cut 18 so far, there’ll be at least anotherContinue reading “Carving Blocks And The Charcoal Cat.”

Compromise, Cat And Cheese

The text on the little lino blocks I’m cutting goes through changes at each stage of the process, partly because of the materials I’m using, from pencil, to ink and brush, to tracing transfer, to carving with cutting tools. But along the way I make adjustments, a curvier bit here, a shorter bit there. TheContinue reading “Compromise, Cat And Cheese”