Plygain, Welsh Cakes And Three Mari Lwyds

Husb and I went to a Plygain celebration this evening which was interrupted by no less than three Mari Lwyds. It was a very 21st century mixture of Christianity and Paganism, good fun and lots of Welsh cakes. Grand. Of course, I had to have a quick scribble. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Plygain, Welsh Cakes And Three Mari Lwyds”

Making Mari My Own

I’ve finished putting my flat pack Mari Lwyd together and now I’m customising her. I had a roll of banana paper knocking around so I ripped it up into small bits and pasted it over the surface with PVA glue. I wanted something more interesting than plain white. The Mari Lwyd is a very old WelshContinue reading “Making Mari My Own”

A Mari Lwyd Day

I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday so didn’t do much of anything at all but I bounced back today with my two Mari Lwyd projects. I printed my lino block, in black Caligo Cranfield Safewash relief ink, individually onto white card and then in blocks of four onto A4 sheets of hand made paper madeContinue reading “A Mari Lwyd Day”

More Making Mari

The flat pack Mari Lwyd kit I’m making up isn’t difficult, but it’s time consuming. I’ve assembled the upper and lower parts of the skull and now I’m pasting it all over with paper and PVA glue. This will give it a good surface for painting, increase the strength of the sections and add aContinue reading “More Making Mari”

Making The Mari

I carried on making up the Mari Lwyd kit that I bought from TRAC Cymru, the Welsh folk development organisation. It’s been beautifully designed by the artist and storyteller David Pitt and the instruction video is easy enough to follow, but it’s an elaborate piece and needs time and care. The upper skull is nowContinue reading “Making The Mari”

A Flat Pack Mari

This is my Xmas present to myself, a Mari Lwyd flat pack kit. I’ve wanted a Mari Lwyd for ages but it isn’t easy to get a horse skull these days, since the internal combustion engine took over from carts. This kit has been designed by Swansea-based artist David Pitt AKA The Crowman AKA DaiContinue reading “A Flat Pack Mari”

The First Proof

I did some more carving on my new Mari Lwyd linocut this afternoon, more or less finishing the head. I thought I’d take a first proof print to see what else needs to be done to the head and to have a think about what, if anything, I might do to the rest of theContinue reading “The First Proof”

Cheese And Trackie Bottoms …..

It’s Boxing Day. Yesterday was Christmas Day. I’m on holiday so mostly I’m stuffing my face with cheese and cherry liquer chocolates, slobbing around the house in trackie bottoms and watching Netflix. But I managed to drag myself off the settee for half an hour earlier to go for a socially distanced and masked walkContinue reading “Cheese And Trackie Bottoms …..”

A Carving, A Cat, And A Horse’s Skull

After a long break, I did some lino cutting today. It’s been months ….. I don’t think I’ve gone as long as this without doing some printmaking. The pandemic has had a strange effect on me and although I’ve been doing loads of painting and drawing, I haven’t been able to work up the enthusiasmContinue reading “A Carving, A Cat, And A Horse’s Skull”

Finally ….. Again ……

I know I said a few days ago that I woudn’t post any more Mari Lwyds until next year, but then I found the little lino I cut before Xmas and forgotten about. So I printed up a few today at Swansea Print Workshop, using Caligo Cranfield Safe Wash ink in black onto Hosho paper.Continue reading “Finally ….. Again ……”