The First Proof

I did some more carving on my new Mari Lwyd linocut this afternoon, more or less finishing the head. I thought I’d take a first proof print to see what else needs to be done to the head and to have a think about what, if anything, I might do to the rest of theContinue reading “The First Proof”

Cheese And Trackie Bottoms …..

It’s Boxing Day. Yesterday was Christmas Day. I’m on holiday so mostly I’m stuffing my face with cheese and cherry liquer chocolates, slobbing around the house in trackie bottoms and watching Netflix. But I managed to drag myself off the settee for half an hour earlier to go for a socially distanced and masked walkContinue reading “Cheese And Trackie Bottoms …..”

A Carving, A Cat, And A Horse’s Skull

After a long break, I did some lino cutting today. It’s been months ….. I don’t think I’ve gone as long as this without doing some printmaking. The pandemic has had a strange effect on me and although I’ve been doing loads of painting and drawing, I haven’t been able to work up the enthusiasmContinue reading “A Carving, A Cat, And A Horse’s Skull”

Looking Back (With A Kitten)

Oh the glamour of being an artist. Sorting through my drawers. I decided to spend a bit of time this evening organising my plans chest, which meant rediscovering some of my older work. It was good, remembering how I’d done things a while back. This mixed media piece started as a drawing with a lifeContinue reading “Looking Back (With A Kitten)”

Kitty Scribbles

Had one of those bitty days today. I carried on carving small lino blocks and as a bit of light relief I had a quick scribble with willow charcoal as Sparta Puss was lazing around. She has a houseful of beds, comfy chairs, cushions as well as a sunny garden bench with a blanket justContinue reading “Kitty Scribbles”

Baps, Blocks And Book

Had a bit of a spurt with block cutting today, I carved until my shoulder started hurting. As I age I am more and more aware of the physicality of making art and the need to keep healthy and exercise, especially my arms, hands, shoulders, neck and back. Well that’s most of me I guessContinue reading “Baps, Blocks And Book”

Carving Blocks And Charcoal At The Castle

Today was pretty productive. I inked, traced and transferred seven texts onto little lino blocks and cut two of them. These are part of my series of words and phrases I’ve written down through the course of the Covid19 pandemic, from the first day of lockdown. Eventually, I’ll be printing them onto home-made cotton masks.Continue reading “Carving Blocks And Charcoal At The Castle”

Finally ….. Again ……

I know I said a few days ago that I woudn’t post any more Mari Lwyds until next year, but then I found the little lino I cut before Xmas and forgotten about. So I printed up a few today at Swansea Print Workshop, using Caligo Cranfield Safe Wash ink in black onto Hosho paper.Continue reading “Finally ….. Again ……”

Nearly Done

Today I finished printing my 8 small, 2-colour lino (well, vinyl) blocks ready for my group exhibition at Oriel Ceri Richards at Taliesin Arts Centre in a couple of weeks. I still have to do the second colour on my remaining 4 larger blocks but that’s for tomorrow. I used Intaglio Printmaker’s oil-based litho/relief blackContinue reading “Nearly Done”

End Of A Long Hard Day

I sent most of today at Swansea Print Workshop, working on some small reduction lino blocks. I printed on the Victorian Columbian press; it’s my favourite and it’s beautiful. I used Intaglio Printmaker’s softblock for the cutting and a lightweight Japanese paper for taking the prints. I was on my feet all day. Art isContinue reading “End Of A Long Hard Day”