Drawing More Darkness In The Darkness

Here’s another drawing in the dark I did last weekend at a small arts festival, “Kilvey Ole”, I went to on one of Swansea’s hillsides. It was very dark there so I could hardly see the paper or the marks I was making. But also, the people and things I was drawing were in darknessContinue reading “Drawing More Darkness In The Darkness”

Drawing Darkness In The Darkness

Husb and I went to a mini-festival on one of the city’s hills last weekend. It was very dark and we wandered in and out of small barns listening to music and poetry. I had a go drawing the darkness in the darkness. I couldn’t see the paper I was drawing on so had noContinue reading “Drawing Darkness In The Darkness”

Trying Things Out 1

Had a lovely few hours in the Waun Wen Community Centre this afternoon, making collages with some students from Swansea University. We’ve recently been out in the area making textural rubbings (Koh-i-noor graphite and Ho-sho paper) and blue sunprints (cyanotypes) and these are going to be used to make collage kits for local residents whoContinue reading “Trying Things Out 1”

The world at your feet

Chilling in the cold around Waun Wen yesterday, making graphite rubbings of the textures in the area. It’s a different way of experiencing a place. It makes you notice things you may not have seen before. The rubbings were done with Koh-i-noor Graphite Jumbo Blocks, 6B, onto Ho-Sho paper. Part of the Home and HinterlandContinue reading “The world at your feet”

Rubbings In The Cold

I was out and about in Waun Wen in Swansea today, with two students from Swansea University who are working with me on the arts project. It’s been a grey and bitterly cold day, but we spent 2 hours walking the streets, making graphite rubbings of the different textures of the area – street metalContinue reading “Rubbings In The Cold”

Back in Black

Hello. This is my third podcast and it’s about where the colour black comes from, with a bit about Swansea’s local industrial history thrown in. It is mostly based on the book: Colour Travels Through the Paintbox by Victoria Finlay PURITANS AND PIRATES: Booze and Brothels and the Colour Black Hiya. Rosie Scribblah here. ThisContinue reading “Back in Black”

Life Drawing Live

I checked into the live life drawing session on BBC4 this evening and did this 5 minute sketch. I couldn’t stay for the full programme, it’s family Zoom quiz night, but I’ll catch up with it later in the week and draw the rest of the models. There’s a lot of art happening on theContinue reading “Life Drawing Live”

My Geographic Palette #4 – Graphite

The next one out of my geographic palette is graphite, a slightly greasy, slightly soluble solid black pigment and mineral found in The Lake District near Keswick, which is where I bought some nice chunky sticks of it and a whole load of top-quality graphite pencils. Not far from Keswick, at Seathwaite, is an oldContinue reading “My Geographic Palette #4 – Graphite”

My Geographic Palette #1 – Charcoal

  This is my first tryout with my geographic palette, a drawing based on a sketch I did en plein air on a field trip with colleagues from Swansea University’s FIRE Lab a couple of months ago when we went off exploring culverts up in the Brecon Beacons.   The charcoal I bought a fewContinue reading “My Geographic Palette #1 – Charcoal”

My Geographic Palette

I’m thinking about how to develop from the sketches I’ve done on a couple of field trips with colleagues in the FIRE Lab team and, as the research project is about ecosystems and environment, I thought I’d try as much as possible to use natural earths, plants and minerals in my artworks, so I’m puttingContinue reading “My Geographic Palette”