The Plebeians

Plebeian Printmakers 2

*&^%$£! Pleb

I initiated two groups of artists who work on the street, The Plebeian Printmakers and The Plebeian Scribblers. Why Plebeian? I was outraged a few years ago when some MP called a police officer a *&^%$£! Pleb for doing his job, as if being a commoner was somehow a terrible thing. I thought, “Well, I’m a pleb and proud of it!” and I’m also committed to the concept of the artist as a worker, just like other workers, and therefore plebeian.

The Plebeian Printmakers is a very visible group of artists experienced in working and interacting with the public and we give people the opportunity to talk as well as observe what we’re doing, encouraging them to immerse themselves in their surroundings, to slow down and appreciate what’s often overlooked in the built environment.

Manhole Covers

We work on roads and pavements taking prints from manhole covers, drain covers and other metal things on the street. We use non-toxic, washable materials so that people can join in and make their own print if they want. Here’s a link to a comprehensive blog about us that includes a short video….



Photo courtesy of Gwyl Troublemakers Festival

All Weather Artists

The Plebeian Scribblers is a group of artists who draw on the streets and share a similar ethos of artists integrating and interacting with the public so that people get to know how art is done and where art comes from. We’ve appeared regularly at Fringe Arts Bath (FAB) in recent years and recently at the Troublemakers Festival on the streets of Swansea. We will draw in all weathers as the link below (with video) shows ….

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