Baby Boomers


A while back, I set myself the task of drawing one hundred baby boomers, because I’m a baby boomer and because nature is now culling our generation. There’s a lot of media attention on us, much of it negative, so I decided that I wanted to record not only people’s faces but also what it meant to them to be a baby boomer. It’s been fascinating and I haven’t quite finished. I’m up to number 96!!!! But those last four are very elusive!


Composite 3

The media stereotype of baby boomers tends to be that we’re all privileged and selfish but, although one or two are still living the hedonistic lifestyle of the 1960 and 1970s, many of us started out in poverty that cannot be imagined now, are grateful for the opportunities we have had to improve our lives, and are still actively contributing, still working, volunteering, starting businesses, doing huge amounts of childcare for grandchildren, giving financial support to younger relatives and are so worried about the future for our kids and grandkids. It’s been enlightening.


2018 april 1


What am I going to do once I’ve completed my 100? I’ve had a lot of ideas. I could just exhibit the drawings, it’s a good body of work, but I think I want to present them digitally as I hate taking my sketchbooks apart – it’s like gutting a friend. One thing I hadn’t expected when I started was how important the conversations I’ve had would become. I’ve managed to draw people from different socio-economic backgrounds, different nationalities and ethnic origins, and these conversations have inspired me. I’ve slowly built up a whole load of iconic imagery from these conversations and now I have to work out how to capture these iconic conversations visually.

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