Getting Nearer.

I did some more work on the “celebrity” portrait I started recently, using my new-ish pastels from the Lake District. I don’t normally work from photos or do celebs, but I need a lot of practice to try out these as they’re much softer than I’m used to. The likeness is getting nearer but notContinue reading “Getting Nearer.”

Who Is It?

I don’t generally draw celebrities but I was trying out my new pastels and there wasn’t anyone in the house so I grabbed a photo off the Internet and started scribbling their likeness. Here’s the halfway point – can you see who it is yet? Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, aContinue reading “Who Is It?”

Face Across A Room – 4.

Here’s another quick sketch when I was out and about. This time, I tried scribbling someone who was talking. It’s good practice as I have to cope with a face in constant motion. I used a ballpoint pen into my A5 leather-bound sketchbook. Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, a younger relativeContinue reading “Face Across A Room – 4.”

Face Across A Room 3.

Another interesting face scribbled across a bar on Friday night, with a ballpoint pen into my A5 sketchbook. I love doing this, capturing these little still moments in people’s lives. Does that make me a voyeur? Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, a younger relative of mine, to have life-changing surgery inContinue reading “Face Across A Room 3.”

Face Across A Room 2

Out on Friday night, saw an interesting face across the bar, had to have a scribble didn’t I? With a ballpoint pen into my leather-bound A5 sketchbook. Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, a younger relative of mine, to have life-changing surgery in Spain. Phil is disabled by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and the operationContinue reading “Face Across A Room 2”

Pastel Sausages And Scribbles.

I gave my new pastels from Florence Paintmakers a go today, on some black paper, just messing around to get the feel of them. Nice. Looks like a box of sausages though 😀 Then I had a go at sketching a head from a photo. Didn’t have time to do much today, but I’ll finishContinue reading “Pastel Sausages And Scribbles.”

And The Cat “Helped”

And the cat “helped”. I went back to the two head drawings I did over the past couple of days and did a bit more work into them with black gouache. These are random heads and I’m going to keep building with gouache, colour is next, and see where it takes me. I’ve always lovedContinue reading “And The Cat “Helped””

Thanks Maggi

I’m rewatching the BBC documentary on the artist Maggi Hambling on the recommendation of an artist chum. First time round I only watched superficially but this time I’m much more connected to it. I love the way she just picks up a sketchbook every morning and draws. Nothing planned, nothing precious, just draw. I tendContinue reading “Thanks Maggi”

Pushing Through The Fog

I’m still finding it hard to get some creative ideas firmed up, during these 10 months of lockdown I’ve done loads of cooking and I’ve been learning to paint but coming up with something original has been really difficult.  I’m still trying though, hoping that something will push through the creative fog. Anyway, today IContinue reading “Pushing Through The Fog”

A sketch of a friend relaxing in a chair, using sanguine and white conté crayons and a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size M into my A4 hardbacked sketchbook that I had previously prepared with pieces of brown wrapping paper stuck in with Pritt gluestick. Relaxed pose, relaxed drawing.