Portrait Prelims

I’m working on a portrait painting and most of it is done. Now’s the really hard bit, getting a good likeness. I did an underpainting of the face and then some preliminary sketches to really study the face in detail, the proportions and angles. I drew these from a photo, the one of the rightContinue reading “Portrait Prelims”

Scribbling The Shadows.

I was sitting in a sunny polytunnel in the GRAFT Garden, wondering what arty stuff to do and I saw a lovely plant – fennel I think – right by me. But I was feeling a bit lazy and wanted a short cut so I balanced my sketchbook onto the edge of the raised bedContinue reading “Scribbling The Shadows.”

Scribbling At The One Man Show

Husb and I took a trip to Cardiff Tuesday evening to see the writer and broadcaster David Sedaris perform his one-man show – he’s hilarious. I had a bit of a scribble first. It’s nearly always backs of heads at gigs but sometimes there are some great textures, like this woman’s hair. That was aContinue reading “Scribbling At The One Man Show”

Scribbling Outside A Cafe

Husb and I were getting a bit stir crazy working from home so went out for a cold drink this evening and sat outside a nice cafe bar for a little while. I had to have a scribble of course. The main thing about these little sketchbook drawings is not to get a perfect representationContinue reading “Scribbling Outside A Cafe”

The Soundtrack To My Life.

Husb and I went to a gig in Singleton Park Friday night. We bought the tickets for Nile Rodgers and Chic‘s world tour before the Covid epidemic and waited for two years for it to be rescheduled. It was amazing. Nile is such a brilliant musician and so prolific, he’s provided the soundtrack to myContinue reading “The Soundtrack To My Life.”

#Caturday Archives

It’s Saturday / Caturday so here’s one from the archives, a pencil sketch of the late and very hairy tortoiseshell Ming The Merciless. Husb and I rescued her from a very neglectful home, she was nearly dead from an untreated lung infection, poor little floof. She was only a few months old at the timeContinue reading “#Caturday Archives”

Going For It!

Husb and I went to The Elysium last night to watch a live band. They got the crowd going! A covers band, Soulskunks, mainly ska and a bit of reggae. I had to have a scribble of course. People were dancing fast so it was a bit of a challenge. Raising Funds. My family isContinue reading “Going For It!”

#Caturday Archives

It’s Saturday so it’s #Caturday on many social media platforms. I’ve got cat sketches going back years and years so I thought I’d dig them out and do a regular Saturday / Caturday archive. The scribbles above are of my friend’s late kitty, Scooter, and below is mine and Husb’s late legend Ming The Merciless.Continue reading “#Caturday Archives”

Sunning In The Park.

Husb and I went to Mumbles this evening, for the opening of a new exhibition at Tides Gallery. It was lovely, it spilt out into the Ponderosa Bar next door and Elwyn’s Bar just along the street. Then it spilt out across the road to the little park where Ian Thomas played an acoustic set.Continue reading “Sunning In The Park.”

Scribbling In A Heatwave.

Husb and I ventured out into the blistering heat later this afternoon, strolled into town and called into the cafe by the new park for a cool drink. There was a family playing ping pong so I had a quick scribble en plein air. Very quick, just enough to sketch out the basic components ofContinue reading “Scribbling In A Heatwave.”