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People Watching

21 Mar


I tend to go through phases when I make prints, making a sequence instead of random one-offs. This helps me to focus on subject matter, developing a theme and also lets me explore the technique. I did this series a couple of years back, combining transfer prints with drawing. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of sketches in my sketchbooks and I had been wondering how I might use them. I like all my drawings of ordinary people getting on with their lives, not knowing that I’m recording them for posterity.

elderly dude

The elderly dude

I also have lots of digital photos so I printed some of them onto ordinary printing paper from an inkjet printer and took a transfer print using nail varnish remover to embed the image into Bockingford paper. When each transfer was dry, I drew on top, using my sketchbook scribbles as source material. I spent a lot of time matching up the drawings to the transfer prints, it wasn’t done at random. Each drawing reflected the transfer print in some way. You can read a bit more about the technique here.

These prints are available for sale from my Artfinder site.

FAB Fridge Art

20 May

Rosie Scribblah The Subversive Stitch

Busy busy busy in Bath. I have work in three exhibitions in Fringe Arts Bath this year. I’ve blogged about the first two in my previous 2 posts and now here’s the last – 3 little arty magnets in FAB Fridge, a street art extravaganza made up of over 500 little fridge magnets which will be stuck all over Bath at the weekend.

Rosie Scribblah Sixties Dude


It’s organised by the Collect Connect group that organised an exhibition of tiny art in cardboard boxes along London’s South Bank earlier this year. These three images of mine are original drawings on top of transfer prints, done from some of my digital photos.


Rosie Scribblah Ladies In Waiting

I really like the work that Collect Connect does, democratising art by taking it out onto the streets for anyone to see … and collect. It’s all systems go in bath on Friday night. All the exhibitions in this year’s Fringe Arts Bath are opening from 6.30 pm so if you’re anywhere within travelling distance, please come along. The city will be buzzing with arty stuff!

The Elder Dude Quietly Contemplates

26 Dec

elderly dude

I’ve been out and about and stuffing too much food for the past two days to do any drawing and I’m so stuffed I’m too lazy to sketch. So here’s a recent drawing, based on one in my sketchbook and redrawn over a solvent transfer print I made from an original digital photograph. It’s one of the collection in my current exhibition in The Brunswick which runs until early March. I like focussing on older people because they so rarely figure in contemporary art. Our population is ageing, art should reflect society, in my opinion. I drew this chap in a hospital waiting room, while he was quietly contemplating his hands.


Pavement Scribbles

16 Dec

man with hands

This is another piece currently in an exhibition, one of the drawings I’ve overlaid on top of solvent transfer prints. The image in the background started as a digital photograph of some strange markings on the city’s pavements. Every so often, a machine goes around the city, scrubbling chewing gum off the paving stones. This leaves odd patterns and I was there with my camera to record some of them. Then I zipped them through Adobe Photoshop Elements: Filter: Adjustments: Posterise. Once they’d been transferred using acetone and an etching press, they give an ethereal look. It’s odd sometimes where artists get imagery from.


The Grand Dude Rocks

13 Dec

The Grand Dude

It’s been a tiring week but after tomorrow I’ll be able to have a bit of a break from arty stuff and enjoy some time off. On Wednesday evening I was at the opening of a group show I’m in at The Brunswick. It’s been a long haul as I have work in 2 other exhibitions at the moment and it’s been a lot of effort to get all the pieces finished and framed. But it’s all done now.

This is one of the pieces in the show, ‘The Grand Dude Rocks’, a transfer print overlaid with an original drawing based on a sketchbook scribble. I saw this chap when I was visiting at the hospital last year. He was rocking on his headphones. Brilliant. 😀



New Direction

8 Dec

crib sheet image

This morning I was helping to set up my new exhibition at The Brunswick in Swansea. I’m showing with members of an arts collective I’m in, 15 Hundred Lives, and we’ve put together a show of painting, photomontage and drawing / printmaking. I’ve done something new for this exhibition.  For years, I’ve been wandering the streets with my sketchbooks, a set of drawing pens and a digital camera, recording what I see in front of me. This combines my digital images with my sketchbook drawings. I made solvent transfer prints of the digital work onto top quality art paper and then, using my sketchbook drawings as my source, I drew on top of the transmuted imagery, either with traditional dip pens or Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens.

The original drawing here was done while I was queuing at the Civic Centre. These two women sat opposite; I think they were related. The transfer print in the background was taken locally in Wind Street and then digitally manipulated before being used in the solvent transfer process. It’s a big change from the nudes that are normally my subject matter and the monotype and blockprinting processes I usually use in my work. It’s an interesting new direction for me.

Inking Up

18 Nov

18 brunz drawings

I’m working on a series of drawings for my next exhibition in December. I find it’s a problem deciding what to do for exhibitions. It’s relatively easy if you’re given a theme and plenty of time, or if you’re only putting one or two works into a large group show, but I have to do a minimum of 20 pieces for this one. I’ve been wondering for ages what to do with my sketchbook drawings and I’ve decided to redraw a series of them onto ‘transfer’ prints. My exhibition’s working title is ‘In The City’ because I’m using sketches of people, and things, that I scribble as I’m wandering around the streets. I’ve been doing them in batches, preparing the background ‘transfer’ prints five at a time at Swansea Print Workshop, then pencilling several and then inking them. If you want to know how to do a transfer print, click here. I’ve got about 15 sorted, so just a few more to go, then the framing, then the labelling, then the opening night – maybe it’s easier to go and stack shelves in a supermarket! 😉

Taking It Further….

5 Oct

A while back, I did some sketchbook scribbles of performance artists in the street at an event called Disruption II in Swansea. I’ve been developing new work from some of the sketches and a couple of months ago, I did a massive drawing installation based on one of the tiny scribbles. Here it is.

05 weird 2

I’ve developed it further, into a small, approximately A5, drawing on Bockingford paper.

05 weird 1

It started life as a ‘transfer’ print created from a digitally altered photograph, which gives me a random, coloured background to build the drawing upon. The line work is done in Indian ink and an ink wash using traditional dip pens and I’ve used a hint of Winsor and Newton watercolour to highlight a couple of areas in the building. This isn’t the end for this image…….next, I’m developing it into a small drypoint etching.

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