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The Pub Quiz

18 Aug


Had a very busy day, ending up at the weekly pub quiz at The Brunswick, an excellent hostelry. I did a couple of quick heads, just a few minutes each. We didn’t win 😦

The Elder Dude Quietly Contemplates

26 Dec

elderly dude

I’ve been out and about and stuffing too much food for the past two days to do any drawing and I’m so stuffed I’m too lazy to sketch. So here’s a recent drawing, based on one in my sketchbook and redrawn over a solvent transfer print I made from an original digital photograph. It’s one of the collection in my current exhibition in The Brunswick which runs until early March. I like focussing on older people because they so rarely figure in contemporary art. Our population is ageing, art should reflect society, in my opinion. I drew this chap in a hospital waiting room, while he was quietly contemplating his hands.


The Dancer In The Hairy Slippers

15 Dec

The dancer

Here’s a piece I finished earlier this month for the exhibition I’m currently in at The Brunswick in Swansea. It’s a combination of a solvent transfer print overlaid with a drawing that started life in one of my sketchbooks. I went to an avant garde theatrical piece by Marega Palser, who also does performance drawing, and sketched this when she sat out for a while as other dancers performed. She wore strange, oversized hairy slippers. The image in the background is a piece of graffiti on a very old factory building, part of Swansea’s Industrial Revolution past. The exhibition runs until next March.

The Grand Dude Rocks

13 Dec

The Grand Dude

It’s been a tiring week but after tomorrow I’ll be able to have a bit of a break from arty stuff and enjoy some time off. On Wednesday evening I was at the opening of a group show I’m in at The Brunswick. It’s been a long haul as I have work in 2 other exhibitions at the moment and it’s been a lot of effort to get all the pieces finished and framed. But it’s all done now.

This is one of the pieces in the show, ‘The Grand Dude Rocks’, a transfer print overlaid with an original drawing based on a sketchbook scribble. I saw this chap when I was visiting at the hospital last year. He was rocking on his headphones. Brilliant. 😀



New Direction

8 Dec

crib sheet image

This morning I was helping to set up my new exhibition at The Brunswick in Swansea. I’m showing with members of an arts collective I’m in, 15 Hundred Lives, and we’ve put together a show of painting, photomontage and drawing / printmaking. I’ve done something new for this exhibition.  For years, I’ve been wandering the streets with my sketchbooks, a set of drawing pens and a digital camera, recording what I see in front of me. This combines my digital images with my sketchbook drawings. I made solvent transfer prints of the digital work onto top quality art paper and then, using my sketchbook drawings as my source, I drew on top of the transmuted imagery, either with traditional dip pens or Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens.

The original drawing here was done while I was queuing at the Civic Centre. These two women sat opposite; I think they were related. The transfer print in the background was taken locally in Wind Street and then digitally manipulated before being used in the solvent transfer process. It’s a big change from the nudes that are normally my subject matter and the monotype and blockprinting processes I usually use in my work. It’s an interesting new direction for me.

In The Zone

8 Nov

08 wip2

I’m working flat out to make 20 new small drawings for a group exhibition at The Brunswick in December. I’m making transfer prints from digital photos I’ve taken and then drawing on top of them in Indian ink. I print out a digital photo in standard inkjet inks (good quality ones don’t work) on cheap paper and put the image face down onto good quality art paper on an etching press. I quickly rub cheap nail-varnish remover (good quality ones don’t work) onto the back of the printed photo and put several sheets of tissue on top and put it through the etching press on a tight etching setting. This transfers the image to the artpaper but it the process the colours change considerably and also randomly so you don’t know what you’ve got until you peel back the tissue. Oh – and open the windows because the fumes are smelly.

Here’s a detail of one of the drawings. I’m using dip pens and Indian ink and I’m getting into the mark-making; it’s very repetitive and meditative once I’m in the zone.

Egg’n’Chips Old School

23 Jan

23 eggnchips

That darned lurgi is still hanging on but I was well enough to get down to the studio and the print workshop today …… IN THE SNOW……!!!! YAAYY at last, everywhere else in Britain has had snow and now it’s our turn. Husb fancied chips for lunch so we went to the Windsor Cafe, an old school chippie with a caff attached and I had double egg and chips. I’d put a nutritious, healthy casserole in the slow cooker for our evening meal, so lunchtime I loaded up on the carbs, fat and cholesterol. MMMMMMM YUM!

Here’s an elderly chap sitting at a nearby table. He had a good nosh too. Drawn with a Pentel Vpen into my blue silk jewelled rather over-the-top A6 sketchbook 🙂

Now we’re off out into the snow for the opening of the new exhibition at The Brunswick. With cake mmmmmm.

Tatts And A Full Cooked

19 Sep


Husb and I were up and about early on Sunday, helping to hang my latest exhibition, Rinascere, at The Brunswick. It opens this evening, with lashings of cake, from 7.30 pm so if you’re passing, please call in. I’m exhibiting with two other artists, Patricia McParlin and Aled Rhys Hughes and the exhibition continues until November 30th.

After we’d hung the work, Husb and I felt the need for a Full Cooked Breakfast so off we went to the local greasy spoon caff and had their finest FCB, with extra black pudding on the side. nom nom nom. I had time for a quick scribble and spotted this chap in the corner, tucking into his FCB and sporting some splendid tattoos. Then my enormous breakfast arrived and I lost interest in him. I need to diet for a week to work it off though 🙂

Here’s one of my little solar plate etchings from the Rinascere exhibition…..



6 Aug

I have an exhibition coming up and here is an invitation, just in case you’re anywhere near Swansea, UK. I blogged about this a few weeks ago but unfortunately the exhibition had to be delayed. ‘Rinascere’ is a new body of work comprising a series of solar plate etchings and the small, Renaissance-style drawings that inspired them.

‘Rinascere’ is an Italian word which means ‘to be reborn’ or ‘to revive’. I chose it because I have been deliberately working with Renaissance techniques and materials for some time and the word ‘rinascere’ is the root of the word ‘renaissance’. I also identified with it’s meaning ‘to revive’ in the light of the current art trends which have moved away from traditional skills such as drawing and etching. As anyone who has read my bloggage for a little while will know, drawing is at the heart of my artistic practice and I draw every day, usually blogging what I’ve scribbled, unless it’s an absolute stinker! Which happens 🙂

The etching above that I’ve used for the invitation is based on the tiny drawing below, which I did using a traditional dip pen and Indian ink and an ink wash, onto hand-made heavily-textured paper that I pre-coloured randomly with a sepia wash. I also used a bit of compressed charcoal.

I work with profressional models at the life-drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop and I work directly onto the paper with ink pens; I don’t sketch it out in pencil first. That’s for wimps 😉

If you’re around, please look in – the exhibition runs until November.

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