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7 Jan

brunz quiz 1a

A couple of quick sketches at our local pub quiz. We were abysmal, 28 out of 40 – the winners scored 38! I’m getting back to normal after the mid-winter shenanigans where I took a bit of a break from doing art – or anything much else to be honest, apart from eating my own body weight in cheese! So back to sketching every day. I used a ballpoint pen for these very quick scribbles into an A6 size pocket sketchbook.

Up Above Looking Down.

2 Feb


Just another daily drawing of Husb, at his computer. I stood on a stool and looked down on him. Interesting perspective and foreshortening. I drew into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook with a graphite stick, very quickly, certainly less than 10 minutes. And now off to the pub quiz.

The Pub Quiz

18 Aug


Had a very busy day, ending up at the weekly pub quiz at The Brunswick, an excellent hostelry. I did a couple of quick heads, just a few minutes each. We didn’t win 😦

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