Just Back …..

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. It’s late and I’m off to bed soon. Here’s a 10 minute pose from our brilliant model. I drew with sanguine and black conte crayons onto vintage paper. Nos Da, Good Night

And The Cat “Helped”

And the cat “helped”. I went back to the two head drawings I did over the past couple of days and did a bit more work into them with black gouache. These are random heads and I’m going to keep building with gouache, colour is next, and see where it takes me. I’ve always lovedContinue reading “And The Cat “Helped””

Thanks Maggi

I’m rewatching the BBC documentary on the artist Maggi Hambling on the recommendation of an artist chum. First time round I only watched superficially but this time I’m much more connected to it. I love the way she just picks up a sketchbook every morning and draws. Nothing planned, nothing precious, just draw. I tendContinue reading “Thanks Maggi”

Pushing Through The Fog

I’m still finding it hard to get some creative ideas firmed up, during these 10 months of lockdown I’ve done loads of cooking and I’ve been learning to paint but coming up with something original has been really difficult.  I’m still trying though, hoping that something will push through the creative fog. Anyway, today IContinue reading “Pushing Through The Fog”

Carrying On With The Cat On #Caturday

I started this little canvas weeks ago, using up some leftover paints that I didn’t want to waste – they’re expensive. I sketched in a very rough shape of Sparta Puss on the chair and after a couple of layers using the paint as a thin wash, which I didn’t particularly like, I started addingContinue reading “Carrying On With The Cat On #Caturday”

Swoosh And Squiggle

If we weren’t in lockdown, I’d be doing life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop, but that’s off for the foreseeable future so here’s a blast from the past. I did this about 8 years ago, when I was going through a painty sort of phase, working from an original drawing. I wasn’t using brushes butContinue reading “Swoosh And Squiggle”

Making Mari My Own

I’ve finished putting my flat pack Mari Lwyd together and now I’m customising her. I had a roll of banana paper knocking around so I ripped it up into small bits and pasted it over the surface with PVA glue. I wanted something more interesting than plain white. The Mari Lwyd is a very old WelshContinue reading “Making Mari My Own”

Déja Vu Drawing

Back at the start of Lockdown number 1 – remember that, in March 2000 – I started drawing on my daily government sanctioned exercise walks, using willow charcoal into a Khadi handmade paper sketchbook that a friend had sent me for Xmas. My dear friend sent me another this Xmas and Lockdown number 3 startedContinue reading “Déja Vu Drawing”

A Mari Lwyd Day

I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday so didn’t do much of anything at all but I bounced back today with my two Mari Lwyd projects. I printed my lino block, in black Caligo Cranfield Safewash relief ink, individually onto white card and then in blocks of four onto A4 sheets of hand made paper madeContinue reading “A Mari Lwyd Day”

Done Tweaking

That’s it. I’ve done tweaking my fake version of “Girl With A Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer. I could go on and on, tweaking and refining, but I think I’ve learnt as much as I can from this one, so onto the next. I was having trouble with the shading on the face but wasContinue reading “Done Tweaking”