#Caturday Archives

It’s Saturday / #Caturday so here’s another from my kitty archives. I went through a phase of doing digital drawings on my Samsung Galaxy 8 tablet a few years back and the cats were good subjects for the programme – a free app called Markers which is great for sketching. Here’s Little Ming, our fluffyContinue reading “#Caturday Archives”

#Caturday Archives

It’s Saturday / Caturday so here’s one from the archives, a pencil sketch of the late and very hairy tortoiseshell Ming The Merciless. Husb and I rescued her from a very neglectful home, she was nearly dead from an untreated lung infection, poor little floof. She was only a few months old at the timeContinue reading “#Caturday Archives”

#Caturday Archives

It’s Saturday so it’s #Caturday on many social media platforms. I’ve got cat sketches going back years and years so I thought I’d dig them out and do a regular Saturday / Caturday archive. The scribbles above are of my friend’s late kitty, Scooter, and below is mine and Husb’s late legend Ming The Merciless.Continue reading “#Caturday Archives”

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda : Happy New Year

Here’s Sparta Puss being very seasonal with a little fake Monet I did a while back – it’s called “The Magpie”. Sparta Puss hates magpies. They come and nest in the tree next door every year, I think it might be the same pair, I don’t know how long they live. They pick stones outContinue reading “Blwyddyn Newydd Dda : Happy New Year”

Sparta Says …. What A Lazy Monkey!

Sparta Puss says “Nadolig Llawen” which is Welsh for “Merry Christmas”. She’s a bit late but this lazy monkey has been having a couple of days off and didn’t get round to posting it until today. She is not impressed. I hope that everyone had a Cool Yule and plenty of food, presents and rest.Continue reading “Sparta Says …. What A Lazy Monkey!”

Getting Stuck In With A Brush (And A Cat)

Here’s the final, hour-long pose from life drawing the other night. I’m usually very tired by this point and I often find it hard to concentrate, so I switched from conte crayons to my home made walnut ink and a large-ish brush and got stuck in. It gave me a bit more energy and IContinue reading “Getting Stuck In With A Brush (And A Cat)”

Turner Was A Cheapskate (And He Loved Cats)

The artist JMW Turner was a cheapskate. It’s true. He often used cheap paints and sometimes they were so cheap that buyers returned the work months later because they had faded so much! He loved the juicy red called cochineal, made from South American beetles. But despite knowing that the colour just wouldn’t last, heContinue reading “Turner Was A Cheapskate (And He Loved Cats)”

Sparta Puss And van Gogh’s Bedroom

I recently painted van Gogh’s Bedroom In Arles and here’s a one minute timelapse film of it. Sparta Puss “helped”. I painted it during a Zoom tutorial with the painter Ed Sumner who started the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook at the start of lockdown in March 2020 to give people something toContinue reading “Sparta Puss And van Gogh’s Bedroom”

The Cat Looks Bonkers

I’m really cracking on with this big painting now. I hope that a couple more good spurts of activity should get it finished. I concentrated on getting some of the finer features in their place and doing a bit of work on the three animals. The cat looks bonkers. Nothing new there. A Chance ToContinue reading “The Cat Looks Bonkers”

And The Cat “Helped”

And the cat “helped”. I went back to the two head drawings I did over the past couple of days and did a bit more work into them with black gouache. These are random heads and I’m going to keep building with gouache, colour is next, and see where it takes me. I’ve always lovedContinue reading “And The Cat “Helped””