Got The Covids So Here’s A Video

Feeling tired and miserable as I’ve finally been hit with Covid19. The symptoms haven’t been too bad except that I’m exhausted and my brain doesn’t work, so I thought I’d trawl through my YouTube channel (Yes I have one) and post some of my arty videos until I can get doing some proper artwork again.Continue reading “Got The Covids So Here’s A Video”

Dinosaurs In Platform Boots

Here’s another sketch from one of the local music bars. There’s a long history of music in Swansea and it seems to come and go in waves. When I was young – and dinosaurs roamed the earth (in platform boots) – there were LOADS of live music venues. Practically every night of the week. ThenContinue reading “Dinosaurs In Platform Boots”

Scribbling At The Gig

I was really inspired to sketch at the Rap gig at The Bunkhouse in Swansea on Saturday night. It was great, so upbeat. Not heavy metal but still excellent. So much energy, anger and sharp humour. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawingsContinue reading “Scribbling At The Gig”

Scribbling The Rap

Husb and I had a rare evening out last night, at a gig in The Bunkhouse featuring rappers from the Ladies Of Rage collective in Cardiff and Swansea’s Craze The Jack. I’ve always been a metalhead, but in the past three or four years I’ve been getting into Welsh rap. Of course, I had toContinue reading “Scribbling The Rap”

Like Klimt’s Kiss

Walking and drawing in the streets of the Waun Wen area of the city, I find all sorts of things to record in my little sketchbook. I was wandering behind this young couple walking their dog and they stopped and leaned together and kissed so I scribbled, of course. Then I noticed how similar theContinue reading “Like Klimt’s Kiss”

Odd Angles

“Draw what you see, not what you think you see”. It sounds like stating the bleedin’ obvious but it’s so easy to look at something and think, “that looks weird, look at the odd angles” and try and make it better. I force myself to concentrate on being fairly accurate; even though my style isContinue reading “Odd Angles”

The Fat Seagull

I’ve been going out sketching silently for the past 4 Sundays, around the Waun Wen area of Swansea. Just little quiet scribbles, carrying my sketchbook through the streets, working en plein air. I like looking up, as many people don’t and they miss so much. I’m noticing so many details I hadn’t before. On theContinue reading “The Fat Seagull”

Santa Came To Swansea

Santa came to Swansea this evening, which was lovely. A really happy moment after the last 18 months. Santa’s Parade was cancelled last year so it was even more precious this year, bringing friends and families together to enjoy something traditional but also modern and contemporary. I think I watched kids’ faces more than theContinue reading “Santa Came To Swansea”

Scribbling In The Gallery

Today was the start of the Swansea Open 2021 show at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. It’s been going for many years but had to be put on hold last year because of Covid19. There’s usually a big opening event but this year people had to book time slots and although it was busy, itContinue reading “Scribbling In The Gallery”

Simple And Symmetrical

Here’s one of the 30 minute poses I drew at life drawing last night. I really love this one, it’s all simple shapes and very symmetrical. I drew with conte crayons in black and sanguine onto some heavy paper that I had used for a monotype, but I didn’t like the way it turned out.Continue reading “Simple And Symmetrical”