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A Face Emerges….

14 Feb


Here’s another snippet of the new artwork, a collaboration with graffiti artist Unity (Amelia Thomas). We’re doing it for the International Women’s Day exhibition in Swansea, opening on March the 8th at Cinema & Co. This image is based on a screen print I did of the French Impressionist sculptor, Camille Claudel……


13 Feb


This is another bit of a large canvas I’m working on at the moment, a collaboration with fellow artist Unity aka Millimagic. Unity has worked on the canvas with spray paint and pen, developing a typographical structure and background texture. I’ve started to draw in some imagery with sanguine conté crayon.  The finished piece will be launched at a new exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day in Cinema & Co in Swansea on March the 12th.

Chalk And Cheese

12 Feb

frida canvas


I’m collaborating with fellow artist Unity aka Millimagic who works with graffiti style forms, influenced by hip hop culture. I have rarely collaborated on an artwork in the past and this, along with Unity’s cultural influences are new to me. Musically I’m a rock chick and I’d describe my style of art as fairly traditional, so we’re a bit like chalk and cheese. Here’s a little glimpse of something we’re working on for International Women’s Day. It will be launched at a new exhibition in Cinema & Co in Swansea on March the 12th. Watch this space ……

Flourishes And Scribbles

24 Jan


Nina Simone small


I’m working on a collaboration with fellow artist, Unity. It’s in the early stages yet but I hope to have more to show in a couple of weeks. We’re basing the work on women artists who have influenced us and I’m starting off with some sketches from photographs of the list of people we came up with.  My collaborator nominated the amazing singer, songwriter and civil rights activist, Nina Simone. Sourcing an image to use was interesting because when you’re looking at someone who was artistically and politically active throughout a long life, you have to decide which stage of that life to represent. Also, working from photos means that you are using an image that has already been conceived by someone else, which is weird for me because I normally draw directly from life. So the dilemma for me is how to put my stamp on it and that comes down to the mark-making. I’m not doing a photo-realist piece as that would just be copying someone else’s vision. So I’m abstracting from the image in front of me and using the graphite to make flourishes and scribbles which focus attention on the marks themselves as well as the illustrious subject. This is my first attempt. I’m going to try abstracting some more, I think.

The Vigil

15 Jun

Orlando vigil 1


Husb and I went to a vigil in the city centre last evening for those recently murdered in the atrocity in Orlando in the USA. It was sad but also joyous because so many people came together to commemorate those who had died and to stand up for what’s right. I’m of an age that I can remember when friends were routinely “queer-bashed” back in the 1970s and 1980s and the police and general public didn’t want to know. Times have changed. What was heartening at the vigil was the spread of ages, from elders to teenagers, united.


Orlando vigil 2




I’m currently working on a series of expressive drawings of ancestral sites and if you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here.

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