Under The Weather…

It’s been one of those days when I feel really under the weather – and the weather is miserable, grey and rainy. I didn’t get on with the pastel drawing I wanted to complete so I grabbed a few minutes to scribble my feet that are perched on top of my exercise ball in theContinue reading “Under The Weather…”

From One Hill To Another

I’m going to be working in the Waun Wen area of the city for the next few months and I’ve booked the lovely community centre twice a week, as a base in the locality and as an occasional artist studio. Today was rainy but I managed to get in a drawing between showers. Here’s theContinue reading “From One Hill To Another”

Scribbling In The Wind

Nice day so went for a walk out of the city, along the Pennard Pill valley route to Three Cliffs Bay. It was cloudy and very windy so I only stopped to do a quick scribble, with Daler Rowney soft pastels onto Khadi paper. There’s a stone spiral, called by locals “the labyrinth” where theContinue reading “Scribbling In The Wind”

A Day Trip

Husb and I had a day trip out today, we’ve had so few since Covid19 lockdown began in March 2020. We met up with some friends at Caldicot Castle, where there was plenty of space to keep distanced. It’s a gorgeous place and the lovely weather meant we could stay outside and soak up theContinue reading “A Day Trip”

Cutting My Losses

Sometimes things just don’t work and you have to decide whether to carry on struggling or cut your losses and pack it in. That’s where I am with this copy of Claude Monet’s “Landscape on the Ile Saint Martin (1881) that I started with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook last week.Continue reading “Cutting My Losses”

The Boy And The Pudding

I did some more work on the “Upside Down Boy” painting today. He’s a young relative who seems to like hanging upside down. When I’m working from photos, I like to turn them upside down anyway because I find it easier to get a likeness, you don’t get distracted by what you think is there,Continue reading “The Boy And The Pudding”

Scribbling And Song In The Old Quarry

Lockdown is easing and things are starting to happen. Husb and I went to Rosehill Quarry at tea time to listen to Swansea folk musician, Angharad Jenkins, perform her recent song about the Quarry. It was a lovely sunny and warm Spring afternoon and Angharad sang to a group of local people of all agesContinue reading “Scribbling And Song In The Old Quarry”

The Ice Cream Queue

Queueing has been a big feature of the pandemic lockdown and I’ve been scribbling them on and off. This was part of a queue for the ice cream van on the seafront at Criccieth in North Wales a couple of weeks ago. It was a fabulously sunny day and the local icecream, Cariad Gelato, wasContinue reading “The Ice Cream Queue”

Shivering In Snowdonia

Here’s another sketch I made in North Wales last week. Husb and I escaped for the first time in over a year, since lockdown started, and it was fabulous, a truly beautiful place. We stopped the car to look back at a wonderful view over Lake Gwynant in Snowdonia, and I had to make aContinue reading “Shivering In Snowdonia”

Family And Folly Farm

Finally! A day out with family. To celebrate a little one’s birthday. We’ve been isolated for months but today we piled into cars, masked and sanitised, and headed West to Folly Farm. It’s a British Bank Holiday so of course it was chilly and damp, but it was still a fantastic day out. I scribbledContinue reading “Family And Folly Farm”