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Thunder And Rodents

30 Sep


Just back from an evening Open Access session at Swansea Print Workshop where I did the third in a series of impressionistic monotype landscapes based on the residency I did in Pakistan earlier this year. This is one of a sequence I drew in a thunderstorm.

Had a tough day. Sparta Puss the evil-kitty-from-hell, terrorised me by bringing a live rodent into the house. It was a relief to get away to do some printmaking. And now I’m tired.

Birthday Adventure, Pakistan

18 Apr


We set out from Rawalpindi this morning to travel to Lahore for my birthday. As we drove through the gently rolling hills, I started speed sketching impressions of the lovely landscape with my little Khadi sketchbook and Daler Rowney soft pastels (artist quality). We dropped down steep hills that seemed to go on for miles, the surrounding countryside diffused in a warm golden sunshine.


As we reached the bottom and joined the massive plain that stretches all the way to Lahore, the sky darkened and we drove through the worst thunderstorm I have ever experienced. But that’s for tomorrow’s blog…….

This residency has been supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales

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