The Cat Loves A Dali ….

I began to copy Salvador Dali’s “Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross” back in the Autumn, in a Zoom tutorial with the painter Ed Sumner. I started painting along with Ed early in lockdown in Spring 2020 and made it my pandemic goal to improve my painting skills. I’ve learned loads by copying greatContinue reading “The Cat Loves A Dali ….”


Greetings Bald Monkeys! Sparta Puss here. I haven’t been able to get my paws on the Hairless Apes pooter box for ages so my fans haven’t heard from me for a while. The stupid she-simian was staring at me earlier ….. so I stared right back at her! She had that stick with a dirtyContinue reading “Cattitude!”

Wipe Out

Still testing positive for Covid19 and still completely wiped out. The other symptoms are gone now, but I’m just so tired that I can’t even work up the energy and motivation to do a quick scribble of the cat! So here’s one I did a while back, for #Caturday. A Chance To Own One OfContinue reading “Wipe Out”

Got The Covids So Here’s A Video

Feeling tired and miserable as I’ve finally been hit with Covid19. The symptoms haven’t been too bad except that I’m exhausted and my brain doesn’t work, so I thought I’d trawl through my YouTube channel (Yes I have one) and post some of my arty videos until I can get doing some proper artwork again.Continue reading “Got The Covids So Here’s A Video”

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda : Happy New Year

Here’s Sparta Puss being very seasonal with a little fake Monet I did a while back – it’s called “The Magpie”. Sparta Puss hates magpies. They come and nest in the tree next door every year, I think it might be the same pair, I don’t know how long they live. They pick stones outContinue reading “Blwyddyn Newydd Dda : Happy New Year”

Sparta Says …. What A Lazy Monkey!

Sparta Puss says “Nadolig Llawen” which is Welsh for “Merry Christmas”. She’s a bit late but this lazy monkey has been having a couple of days off and didn’t get round to posting it until today. She is not impressed. I hope that everyone had a Cool Yule and plenty of food, presents and rest.Continue reading “Sparta Says …. What A Lazy Monkey!”

In The Dog House

Sparta Puss is in the dog house. She ran in yesterday evening with a live rat. And let it loose in the house. Not big and not funny. Husb dealt with it. If I didn’t have Husb, I’d have to get a Jack Russell because Sparta Puss does this often. She’s curfewed from evening toContinue reading “In The Dog House”

Tidying Up

I did a painting of Sparta Puss way back towards the beginning of The Pandemic Lockdown early last year, something a bit fun to put into my window to entertain people out on their regulation 1 hour a day walks. I did it very quickly and now I’m thinking of entering it for an exhibition.Continue reading “Tidying Up”

Getting Stuck In With A Brush (And A Cat)

Here’s the final, hour-long pose from life drawing the other night. I’m usually very tired by this point and I often find it hard to concentrate, so I switched from conte crayons to my home made walnut ink and a large-ish brush and got stuck in. It gave me a bit more energy and IContinue reading “Getting Stuck In With A Brush (And A Cat)”

The Red Tree At High Speed And A Cat

I painted this “fake” of Piet Mondrian’s “Evening: The Red Tree” recently and Husb made a time-lapse film of it – all done in under a minute – I wish!! Sparta Puss hung out with me while I painted. Here’s the video below. This is the last few days of my September fundraiser for LATCH:Continue reading “The Red Tree At High Speed And A Cat”