Cariad Cake.

Chocolate Art This was my arty creation today. A rich chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream topping, decorated with bought chocolate hearts. For my Cariad. We’ve been together 35 years. That’s a lot of cakes. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of theContinue reading “Cariad Cake.”

Life Drawing And Home Cooking

This life model likes to hold an unusual pose and this one was great, but an upside down face is really hard to draw. And the foreshortening was wicked. I used Daler Rowney artist’s pastels onto a heavy textured vintage paper, size about A1 – quite big. There was a spotlight on over our modelContinue reading “Life Drawing And Home Cooking”

Sketching, Masking And An Explosive Pudding

Back to basics Back to basics today with a little bit of sketching. I’m going to try and do a good few of these over the coming week. I’ve been neglecting my sketchbook work for a while, which is really slack of me. Sketching is good practice and I need to take it more seriously.Continue reading “Sketching, Masking And An Explosive Pudding”

Faking The Ultimate Kitsch

Finished faking the Green Lady, portrait of Monica Pon-su-san by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Green Lady’s Yellow Frock

I’ve nearly finished the copy of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s “Green Lady” that I started a couple of weeks ago. I think her head is just about done now, so today I did a lot of work on the yoke of her dress. It’s an elaborate embroidered silky fabric and I’ve never painted anything like this before.Continue reading “Green Lady’s Yellow Frock”

Finally Finished Faking And A Bit More Baking

I finally finished faking the Cezanne landscape I started last Friday. He’s a very complex painter, the canvas is covered in layers and layers of translucent paint, and pigment dragged on with a dry brush so you can see so many subtle colours glowing through the entire work. I also finished icing some little XmasContinue reading “Finally Finished Faking And A Bit More Baking”


I carried on working on last Friday’s fake painting, a landscape by Cezanne. The strident orange needed to be knocked back a bit, which I did with a very thin wash of watered down titanium white (Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic). But then I lost the lowlights so I had a good squint at the originalContinue reading “Squinting”

Craft And Cake

Today, like yesterday, was another day of craft and cake. I work part time as an arts educator for a homelessness charity and today I ran a Zoom session making Xmas wrapping paper and labels with potato prints. I haven’t done them since primary school but it was fun and the results weren’t too badContinue reading “Craft And Cake”


No art today, did craft instead. I iced my Xmas cake which I made from scratch and I was shown how to make a psychedelic origami Xmas tree by my lovely colleague from Crisis South Wales.       A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I have some small screenprints for sale, inspiredContinue reading “Crafty”

The Janus Mask

Here’s another life drawing from the session at Swansea Print Workshop the other evening, with a 30 minute pose drawn with black, white and sanguine conté crayon onto black paper. Our marvellous model wore two masks on the front and back of her head, like a Janus figure. I did some baking today. We’re onContinue reading “The Janus Mask”