Drawing Darkness In The Darkness

Husb and I went to a mini-festival on one of the city’s hills last weekend. It was very dark and we wandered in and out of small barns listening to music and poetry. I had a go drawing the darkness in the darkness. I couldn’t see the paper I was drawing on so had noContinue reading “Drawing Darkness In The Darkness”

A Work Of Art From The Freezer

Husb’s favourite pudding is a traditional fruit crumble. He considers a crumble to be a work of art. I’ve been rooting around in the freezer this week and found a stash of fruit in boxes hidden away. So it was gooseberry crumble a few days ago and today I retrieved some organic loganberries, grown onContinue reading “A Work Of Art From The Freezer”

But Is It Art?

I found some of last Summer’s allotment gooseberries in the freezer, so they had to be converted into a crumble! Husb says it’s a work of art. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks. I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of the antique taxidermy collection at Swansea Museum. I haveContinue reading “But Is It Art?”

Life Drawing And Home Cooking

This life model likes to hold an unusual pose and this one was great, but an upside down face is really hard to draw. And the foreshortening was wicked. I used Daler Rowney artist’s pastels onto a heavy textured vintage paper, size about A1 – quite big. There was a spotlight on over our modelContinue reading “Life Drawing And Home Cooking”

The Boy And The Pudding

I did some more work on the “Upside Down Boy” painting today. He’s a young relative who seems to like hanging upside down. When I’m working from photos, I like to turn them upside down anyway because I find it easier to get a likeness, you don’t get distracted by what you think is there,Continue reading “The Boy And The Pudding”

A Slow Sketch

A Slow Sketch. I’m sketching from some photos I did on one of our local walks the other day. It’s a different kind of sketching, normally I sketch from life but that has to be done really quickly. Sketching from photos gives me the luxury of analysing what’s there, comparing proportions, looking at perspectives andContinue reading “A Slow Sketch”

Sketching, Masking And An Explosive Pudding

Back to basics Back to basics today with a little bit of sketching. I’m going to try and do a good few of these over the coming week. I’ve been neglecting my sketchbook work for a while, which is really slack of me. Sketching is good practice and I need to take it more seriously.Continue reading “Sketching, Masking And An Explosive Pudding”

Faking The Ultimate Kitsch

Finished faking the Green Lady, portrait of Monica Pon-su-san by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Green Lady’s Yellow Frock

I’ve nearly finished the copy of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s “Green Lady” that I started a couple of weeks ago. I think her head is just about done now, so today I did a lot of work on the yoke of her dress. It’s an elaborate embroidered silky fabric and I’ve never painted anything like this before.Continue reading “Green Lady’s Yellow Frock”


I picked the first rhubarb of the season yesterday. It’s the earliest I’ve ever picked it, it’s out in the open garden, I don’t force my rhubarb to bring it on early. I guess it’s the relatively warm and wet winter we’ve had. I did a drawing eight years ago just as the rhubarb wasContinue reading “Rhubarb!”