Scoffing And Sketching

Husb and I went to Glasgow last week, for the first time. What a fabulous city. I loved it. We did the touristy bit, visiting the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (fabulous), the Necropolis (fabulous) and lunching at the famous Willows Tearooms (fabulous). We only had two days there but just enough to convince usContinue reading “Scoffing And Sketching”

The Boy And The Pudding

I did some more work on the “Upside Down Boy” painting today. He’s a young relative who seems to like hanging upside down. When I’m working from photos, I like to turn them upside down anyway because I find it easier to get a likeness, you don’t get distracted by what you think is there,Continue reading “The Boy And The Pudding”

The Upside-Down Boy

I started a little painting of my young relative today, working from a photograph, I drew onto primed canvas with a watercolour pencil and blended it with a fine round brush and water. It needs a bit of tweaking to get the likeness more accurate then I’ll play with my acrylic paints. He’s meant toContinue reading “The Upside-Down Boy”

The Very Slow Selfie

I carried on with this self portrait I started AGES ago, a very slow selfie. I’m trying to develop my own way of working, rather than copy another artist’s style, which is what I’ve been doing over the past year with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club over on Facebook. I’m trying out differentContinue reading “The Very Slow Selfie”