Plygain, Welsh Cakes And Three Mari Lwyds

Husb and I went to a Plygain celebration this evening which was interrupted by no less than three Mari Lwyds. It was a very 21st century mixture of Christianity and Paganism, good fun and lots of Welsh cakes. Grand. Of course, I had to have a quick scribble. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Plygain, Welsh Cakes And Three Mari Lwyds”

My Creative Other Half

I was out and about in the city centre for most of today, shopping from the excellent Swansea Market and local grocers, who had plenty of food. So many people are going to supermarkets and ignoring small, local shops and markets, which is a shame because locally they have plenty of most things. And there’sContinue reading “My Creative Other Half”

Welsh Cakes For Saint David’s Day

Today is Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant, or Saint David’s Day, here in Wales, a day of tradition and celebration and one of our finest traditions is Welsh food. I cooked some Welsh Cakes – or Pice ar y Maen (little cakes on the bakestone). Here’s a recipe if you want to try them. I usedContinue reading “Welsh Cakes For Saint David’s Day”

Birds And Bugs, Rubbish And Rugby

I’ve just finished an exhausting three days working with Edinburgh-based Australian artist Kelly Stewart to develop a boxed set of small screenprints based on drawings we did from the Swansea Museum archives – taxidermy birds and invertebrates. I also included some imagery based on rubbish – the sort that ends up in our rivers andContinue reading “Birds And Bugs, Rubbish And Rugby”

Let’s Get Ready To Crumble…..

  I do a lot of cooking, especially baking, but I rarely draw food. I made a crumble today with raspberries from our allotment, some Bramley cooking apples from a friend and some wild blackberries. It was lush! The drawing is an old one, of some Tinker’s Cakes I made on a traditional Maen orContinue reading “Let’s Get Ready To Crumble…..”

Commemorating The Peace March

  Yesterday I went on a journey, leaving Swansea by coach at 8.30 am, heading to Cardiff to commemorate the start of the Women’s Peace March to Greenham Common, way back in 1981. Organised by Women’s Archive Wales, there were speeches and songs in Alexandra Gardens and we took a walk around the area withContinue reading “Commemorating The Peace March”

The Lord, The Warrior And The Welsh Cake

It’s been an exciting day. I shook hands with a lord, hung out with a Celtic warrior, sipped tea and ate a Welsh cake in an art deco temple in Swansea, and watched a film about my model and me. Here it is…. I’ve been involved in this expansive art project, Nawr Yr Arwr /Continue reading “The Lord, The Warrior And The Welsh Cake”

Visitors And Welsh Cakes

Had a busy day with lots of visitors so I made a batch of Welsh cakes and served them warm off the griddle. In The Welsh language they are called “picau ar y maen”. Maen means a stone and in ancient times before iron was smelted, a bakestone would be used to cook flat breadsContinue reading “Visitors And Welsh Cakes”

Methodology, Mountain And Memorial

  South Wales is so full of talented artists, despite the poor economy and our relative isolation on the Western fringes of Europe – or maybe because of it. Property is cheap and there’s an intensity and freedom to be had from being so far from the frenetic centre of the art establishment in London.Continue reading “Methodology, Mountain And Memorial”

Welsh Cakes And Cockle Hats

Today is Saint David’s Day, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, in Wales and small girls are dressed in a traditional Welsh costume with a daffodil corsage, small boys are put into Welsh rugby shirts with a leek corsage and copious Welsh Cakes are eaten. For aeons these have been baked on a griddle or bakestone, maen inContinue reading “Welsh Cakes And Cockle Hats”