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Let’s Get Ready To Crumble…..

24 Sep

tinkers cakes


I do a lot of cooking, especially baking, but I rarely draw food. I made a crumble today with raspberries from our allotment, some Bramley cooking apples from a friend and some wild blackberries. It was lush! The drawing is an old one, of some Tinker’s Cakes I made on a traditional Maen or Bakestone. They’re like Welsh Cakes but made with grated apple instead of dried fruit.



For crumble, I toss the raw fruit in a mixture of sugar and ground arrowroot before topping it with the crumble mix. The arrowroot turns the liquid into a nice sauce while it’s cooking and stops it becoming soggy.

Winter Pud

11 Dec

syrup pud

I’m winding down a bit for the holiday season and spending more time with friends and family and socialising and really enjoying cooking for people. We had some lovely young relatives around this evening and after a humungous meal, we tucked into a hot steamed sponge pudding, made with butter and golden syrup and served with lashings of custard.

The Kitchen Sink

24 Jun

Had a lovely evening last night, visiting a friend’s house for a meal, conversation, music, molestation by a wet cat etc…… Our friend is a fabulous chef and put on a Middle Eastern spread of mezze followed by tagine. Then some of the chaps cleaned up and here’s one of them doing the dishes. It occurred to me how times have changed. When I was growing up, we didn’t have people round for a meal; there was barely enough food for the family and it was plain British grub – no-one would have a clue what an olive was, let alone mezze and a tagine.  And as for men cleaning up?!? Unheard of. Things are so much better now 😀

The cat, Puss Puss, loves water and kept going out into the storm, getting absolutely soaked then coming in, drying herself on the guests and diving back out into the torrential rain again. We reverted to good old-fashioned British grub for dessert – rhubarb crumble – yum!

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