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Winter Pud

11 Dec

syrup pud

I’m winding down a bit for the holiday season and spending more time with friends and family and socialising and really enjoying cooking for people. We had some lovely young relatives around this evening and after a humungous meal, we tucked into a hot steamed sponge pudding, made with butter and golden syrup and served with lashings of custard.

Puddings Together

3 Nov


It’s been horrible weather today. Winter has finally arrived; cold, wet, blowing a gale. Just the weather for making a steamed Golden Syrup sponge pudding with lashings of custard. It’s a pretty good survival strategy for a British November. Settled down for a bit of TV after the pud and the kittehs, Ming The Merciless and Sparta Puss, cwtched together on the footstool. It’s very unusual for them; they generally try to pretend the other doesn’t exist, but I think they must have been feeling the Winter chill too.  I did a quick scribble of them into my tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with a free Markers app.

Practice And Pineapple Pud

11 Nov

11 mari

Here’s another page of drawing I did at last week’s life drawing session. It’s  a practice piece where I tried sketching different bits of the model for practice. Her hand was particularly difficult because of a lot of jewellery and she was clutching a handkerchief. The foot was much easier to draw. I used a variety of media; compressed charcoal, willow charcoal, carbon, white oil pastel and graphite block onto a sheet of canvas prepared with a yellow ochre oil bar to break the tyrrany of the white.

pineapple pud

Today was horrible outside, cold and rainy, so I made a proper Winter pud for Husb and Teenage Niece’s dessert, a steamed pineapple and golden syrup sponge pudding. With fresh pineapple. Which counts towards our five a day. So it’s healthy really.

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