Caturday’s Scribble

Had a busy day today, doing some essential shopping for a relative and getting my one hour government sanctioned lockdown brisk walk and now I just want to slob out on the settee watching mindless telly with Sparta Puss at my side. But I didn’t do any art! So I grabbed a new sketchbook (DalerContinue reading “Caturday’s Scribble”

Sparta Puss And The Magpie

Today I finished off the copy I made of Monet’s painting “The Magpie”, started with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. So many shades of white! I used Liquitex heavy body acrylic paints, Daler Rowney brushes for acrylics and a primed canvas from Wilkinsons. Oh, and a couple of palette knives. InContinue reading “Sparta Puss And The Magpie”

Skull And Roses

I’ve been practicing my painting skills with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook, every Friday afternoon. This week our tutor, Ed Sumner, added an extra session on Saturday inspired by Halloween and Día de Muertos. It included a very thorough and useful instruction on how to draw a skull from scratch. We startedContinue reading “Skull And Roses”

Faking Magpie

I had a faking fun Friday with painter Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club over on Facebook. Each Friday throughout lockdown Ed has hosted a painting session for people at all levels of ability, teaching painting skills by copying famous works of art. Today it was “The Magpie” by Monet. There’s a surprising amountContinue reading “Faking Magpie”

Winter Pud

I’m winding down a bit for the holiday season and spending more time with friends and family and socialising and really enjoying cooking for people. We had some lovely young relatives around this evening and after a humungous meal, we tucked into a hot steamed sponge pudding, made with butter and golden syrup and servedContinue reading “Winter Pud”

Punjab To Rhondda With Cake

I’m doing a one-day artist residency at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir this coming Friday so if you’re in the area, or fancy that trip up the Rhondda Valley that you’ve been promising yourself, please pop in and see me. I’ll make a cake. Maybe a Victoria Sandwich. When I did a residency in Pakistan,Continue reading “Punjab To Rhondda With Cake”

Winter Woodland

  I have three drawings in the winter exhibition at the lovely Workers Gallery in Ynyshir, running from November 9th to December 23rd. It’s a gorgeous gallery, a local library closed because of government cutbacks and saved for the community by artists Gayle Rogers and Chris Williams. The theme this year is Winter Woodland. I’mContinue reading “Winter Woodland”

More Than A Walk

I did another very quick sketch while walking in Penllegare Woods yesterday and worked into it some more when I came back. I think that took the emphasis off doing something detailed and instead allowed me to explore something more expressive through the mark making. I started with something rooted in reality but then tookContinue reading “More Than A Walk”

A Walk In The Woods

I went for a walk in the beautiful Penllegare Woods this morning. I was brilliant sunshine but also only just above freezing point, the low Winter sun threw deep shadows across the leaf-strewn paths. The sketch was quick, just a couple of minutes with conté crayons in black, sanguine and white. The speediness forced meContinue reading “A Walk In The Woods”

Scribbling Iceland

I spent a few days in Iceland recently and although I took a sketchbook and some pastels with me, it was too cold to draw. Even just 30 seconds or so without my gloves and my fingers stopped working. So now I’m back home and back in the swing of all the arty shenanigans goingContinue reading “Scribbling Iceland”