Carrying On Carrying On

I carried on working on a painting I started a couple of weeks ago, based on a charcoal drawing I did en plein air into my Khadi sketchbook. I am trying to develop a style of my own – I’ve never done much painting and it’s my lockdown challenge. I really like the German Expressionists andContinue reading “Carrying On Carrying On”

Quick, Short And Angry

I was in a really foul mood this evening, caught the bad side of Twitter and was raging. So Husb dragged me out for a long, fast walk.  We ended up in Cwmdonkin Park which has been one of my favourite places for drawing en plein air during the pandemic. I was still in aContinue reading “Quick, Short And Angry”

Marbling With The Surrealists

  This is a bit of experimentation I did, marbling some paper with black oil paint floated onto a bowl of water. I dipped a sheet of paper onto the surface of the paint and lifted it off and dried it. Then I used my imagination to see and draw shapes with compressed charcoal –Continue reading “Marbling With The Surrealists”

Carry On Painting….

I’m carrying on today with a painting I started a couple of weeks ago. I left it alone for a while because I wasn’t sure how to develop it so I had a break to look at it with fresh eyes. It’s based on a charcoal drawing I did en plein air into my KhadiContinue reading “Carry On Painting….”

A Patchwork Of Landscape

Husb and I went to visit family in the countryside a few miles out of the city earlier. I wanted to do some charcoal drawing in my Khadi sketchbook so we drove up above Brynamman into the hills. The area is large and bleak, with few significant features which made it hard to draw asContinue reading “A Patchwork Of Landscape”

Workers’ Mates

I’m a gallery artist at the excellent Workers Gallery in Ynyshir where up to 20 invited artists are selected annually to have a square metre of permanent exhibition space and to work with the gallery to develop the exhibition programme and run regular residency and demo days. The Workers’ focuses on art made in Wales butContinue reading “Workers’ Mates”

Punjab To Rhondda With Cake

I’m doing a one-day artist residency at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir this coming Friday so if you’re in the area, or fancy that trip up the Rhondda Valley that you’ve been promising yourself, please pop in and see me. I’ll make a cake. Maybe a Victoria Sandwich. When I did a residency in Pakistan,Continue reading “Punjab To Rhondda With Cake”

Winter Woodland

  I have three drawings in the winter exhibition at the lovely Workers Gallery in Ynyshir, running from November 9th to December 23rd. It’s a gorgeous gallery, a local library closed because of government cutbacks and saved for the community by artists Gayle Rogers and Chris Williams. The theme this year is Winter Woodland. I’mContinue reading “Winter Woodland”

Two Birds With One Stone

  I managed to kill two birds with one stone this evening, simultaneously doing a sketch for tonight’s blog and reaching Number 94 out of my target of drawing 100 Baby Boomers. Husb and I went to Swansea Storytelling Club and I scribbled while listening to artist and performer David Pitt. David and I haveContinue reading “Two Birds With One Stone”

Mahoosive Manhole

Some manholes are much bigger than others, big enough to get a man down a hole. Here’s one printed by The Plebeian Printmakers the other weekend at the Gwyl Troublemakers Festival. You can get an idea of it’s size by looking at my ridiculous Bagpuss slippers at the bottom.     And coming soon toContinue reading “Mahoosive Manhole”