The Sugar Loaf, Wales.

I visited the Brecon Beacons Visitor Centre near Libanus earlier this week and I joined a group on a guided walk and took off into the hills. Looking North East, I saw The Sugar Loaf, near Abergavenny, and had a scribble with my new Derwent Inktense blocks. I had a watercolour brush with a reservoirContinue reading “The Sugar Loaf, Wales.”

Scribbling In The Mountains.

Here’s another sketch I did yesterday when I was visiting the Brecon Beacons. I walked a little way from the Visitor’s Centre to an ancient standing stone and noticed dark clouds looming above Pen Y Fan in the distance. So I sat on the grass and scribbled the view with Derwent Inktense blocks onto heavyweightContinue reading “Scribbling In The Mountains.”

Up The Beacons.

I was up the Brecon Beacons today, at the National Park Visitor Centre near Libanus, and it was gloriously sunny. So I had to have a scribble, didn’t I? Pen Y Fan mountain was in the distance so I did a quick sketch using my new Derwent Inktense blocks onto heavyweight Khadi paper. I reallyContinue reading “Up The Beacons.”

A Walk To Sgwd Gwladys

Husb and I went for a walk in this afternoon’s sunshine to Sgwd Gwladys (Lady Falls), a waterfall on the Afon (River) Pyrddin. We stopped on the path so I could quickly sketch the view across the river to a mine entrance, partially overgrown, with Rembrandt pastels onto Khadi paper. Sgwd Gwladys is one ofContinue reading “A Walk To Sgwd Gwladys”

Scribbling In The Wind

Nice day so went for a walk out of the city, along the Pennard Pill valley route to Three Cliffs Bay. It was cloudy and very windy so I only stopped to do a quick scribble, with Daler Rowney soft pastels onto Khadi paper. There’s a stone spiral, called by locals “the labyrinth” where theContinue reading “Scribbling In The Wind”

Giving It A Go

It’s almost half a century since I rocked up, in flares and platforms, at the Foundation Course in Swansea Art School, determined to be a painter. Then I did the module in printmaking and retired my paintbrushes. Until the pandemic lockdown started in Spring last year. We were only allowed out of the house forContinue reading “Giving It A Go”

Simple Heads No. 1

I get so precious about my art work sometimes to the point where I can hardly do anything so I’m trying to do a simple head a day for a while, see how I get on. Normally I work directly from life but I’m going to work from imagination on these, which is way outContinue reading “Simple Heads No. 1”

Finishing A Sketchbook

A few weeks into the pandemic lockdown, when it became obvious that it was going to last a long while, I set myself some lockdown challenges. One is to improve my painting skills, which I’ve been doing with the Friday Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook, practising faking well known paintings. Another is toContinue reading “Finishing A Sketchbook”

Carrying On Carrying On

I carried on working on a painting I started a couple of weeks ago, based on a charcoal drawing I did en plein air into my Khadi sketchbook. I am trying to develop a style of my own – I’ve never done much painting and it’s my lockdown challenge. I really like the German Expressionists andContinue reading “Carrying On Carrying On”

Bare Bones

I started doing charcoal drawings into this Khadi sketchbook a few weeks after lockdown started. When I realised that the pandemic was going to be here for a while, I found that I was struggling to do any creative work so I decided to focus on improving skills instead. I have been doing a weeklyContinue reading “Bare Bones”