The Plebeian Printmakers Revisited…with video

About 5 years ago I got together with a group of other artist printmakers for an art in the street event called Troublemakers, in central Swansea. We went up and down the street inking up manhole and stopcock covers – street metal – and taking prints from them. You can see more in the videoContinue reading “The Plebeian Printmakers Revisited…with video”

Mahoosive Manhole

Some manholes are much bigger than others, big enough to get a man down a hole. Here’s one printed by The Plebeian Printmakers the other weekend at the Gwyl Troublemakers Festival. You can get an idea of it’s size by looking at my ridiculous Bagpuss slippers at the bottom.     And coming soon toContinue reading “Mahoosive Manhole”

Medieval Manhole

Some manholes are not manholes at all. They’re too small to get a man down. While I was doing some public printmaking with The Plebeian Printmakers a couple of weekends ago, we saw all sorts of manhole covers, big and small and this lovely one was one of the smallest. We were puzzled by itContinue reading “Medieval Manhole”

Mediocre Manhole

Manholes can be quite fancy but some are no-frills and this is one of them. But I like the typography. It’s done in metal. That’s the British Kite Mark on the bottom. I used a blue non-toxic water-based printing ink by Seawhites of Brighton, very economical. No time to rest ….. this is coming upContinue reading “Mediocre Manhole”

Medium-sized Manhole

I did some prints from street manhole covers along Swansea’s High Street as part of the Gwyl Troublemakers Festival a couple of weekends ago. I worked with some other printmakers from Swansea Print Workshop and we inked up all the way along the street. We wanted not only to take printmaking out into public, it’sContinue reading “Medium-sized Manhole”