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Defending The NHS

6 Oct


I’ve been back and forth to the local hospital this past week or so; two relatives have needed emergency treatment and medical investigation. There are problems with the NHS and when things go wrong they should be exposed and put right, but on the whole, we’re so privileged to have it and I feel strongly that we have to defend it. My relatives have had excellent care and attention and it hasn’t cost a penny. They’ve had very expensive procedures and have been treated with kindness, dignity and expertise. The prognosis is good.

Here’s a drawing I did this morning in one of the outpatient waiting rooms. It’s drawn across two pages of my tiny spotty sketchbook, size A6, with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size S. Back to the hospital again tomorrow, I’ll try and do another sketch there. It’s interesting to draw a figure in an unfamiliar place.

Lady In Waiting Room

4 Dec


I did this drawing recently when I accompanied a relative to hospital. They’re not the most cheery of places but they’re very interesting for an artist, with a massive cross section of people who are usually too absorbed in other things to notice the scribbler in the corner.

This lady was quite exhausted and dozed in her chair. The nurses and doctors were lovely. It was incredibly busy but they were cheerful, professional and did their best to see everyone as quickly as possible. Sometimes things go wrong in the NHS and we have to be vigilant and not be afraid to complain when they do, but mostly they seem to get it right and we’re lucky to have a service like this available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Big Paw, Little Boots

28 Jan

28 big paw

I’m past the exhausted, bed-ridden phase of the lurgi and I’m quite alert but the downside is that I’m awake to feel every miserable symptom. The medications don’t seem to be helping much any more so I’m trying to take my mind off it by sketching Husb and his boots. Sparta likes this little blue silk sketchbook because it has a ribbon with a glass bead to mark the pages. It keeps her entertained for ages. Tomorrow, I’m throwing in the towel and going to see the doctor. I normally let things run their course but I’ve had this lurgi for 10 days now and it’s not getting better. I’ve got too much to do – I can’t afford to be ill.

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