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25 Nov



Here’s a longer life drawing I did this week at Swansea Print Workshop using the free Markers app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet.



Cats are back!

20 Nov

I love Nancy farmer’s drawings, and especially the cats. Well, I would, wouldn’t I?

Art by Nancy Farmer

There have been complaints from some quarters that I have not drawn enough cats lately. However I have converted what used to be my blog for mostly cat drawings ( into a site for entirely swimming drawings ( So the cats must find a new home. Here.

Cat Basket “Cat Basket”
Sarge never used to fill this basket, but now he’s got so big there is beginning to be overspill. He is cultivating a square bottom in order to fill the basket to maximum efficiency.

Atthur's Stripes, close-up “Arthur’s Stripes”
Arthur has had a busy but partialy successful morning. At great personal effort, he has stayed still in front of a warm Rayburn for long enough for his stripes to be properly documented. The only slight cloud was that the Archivist got carried away, and went on to unnecessarily document the stripes on the blanket too, and then totally lost the plot and coloured in…

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Proud Pads

7 Nov

proud pads 2

I spent a lovely morning helping fellow Swansea artist and designer, Laura Niehorster, in her new enterprise, Proud Pads. Laura needed a hand cutting out the material to make a new batch of her eco-friendly re-usable sanitary pads. I think it’s a brilliant idea and they look really fun and funky too.

proud pads 1

You can catch up with what Laura is doing here and click here to find out about market testing Proud Pads.


6 Nov

Reblogged from David Reid, a delightful little work 


28 Oct

I’ve been out and about today, mostly at the 10th birthday celebrations of local Elysium Gallery and I didn’t get to do any art for my blog, so I thought I’d post this one from 4 years ago. It’s a bit technical; I had been making some colour-separation monotypes for an exhibition ……


Source: PHEW!

More Stones Than You Can Throw A Stick At!

14 Oct

Husb and I are away for a few days visiting on the East Coast but we called in to Avebury on the way to see the ancient standing stones. We have been meaning to go for years and finally made it. It was a revelation!  We’re used to tramping wild places in Wales and seeing a single stone or one chambered grave, but Avebury has more stones than you can shake a stick at. And the whole complex nestles in a delightful village with thatched cottages, a fine manor and imposing barns. Terrific place.  Normally, I have one stone to draw so I spend some time choosing the best angle.  At Avebury I had to run around choosing from loads of stones, all huge, imposing and worthy of attention.  We didn’t have enough time to get around the whole site, so we’ll have to go back.

The Alma-Tadema Ladies. Part 1 – The Two Wives, Marie-Pauline Gressin-Dumoulin de Boisgirard and Laura Epps.

9 Oct

A female artist I had never heard of, wonderful painting, Laura Alma-Tadema

Source: The Alma-Tadema Ladies. Part 1 – The Two Wives, Marie-Pauline Gressin-Dumoulin de Boisgirard and Laura Epps.

Anyone up for a challenge? 

1 Oct

A forty day drawing challenge issued by Green Olive arts I  Morocco


25 Sep

Kollwitz in the UK – brilliant. In Birmingham through to November at The Ikon Gallery …



Why bother Protesting?

25 Sep

Some great documentary drawing on the streets from Patricia McKenna-Jones


Source: Why bother Protesting?

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