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It’s #Caturday

19 May



It’s #Caturday! Three drawings, scanned from my sketchbooks and added to digitally on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8.


17 May

Wow! This looks amazing

Hannah Gluckstein (Gluck). Part 2 – Artistic success and acclaim

6 May

Such an interesting blog about a fascinating painter …

Digital Scribbling

4 May

I took a photo of the abstract piece I did a couple of days ago. I used my home made walnut ink onto Winsor & Newton watercolour paper. I want to work on some ideas for developing it but don’t want to draw directly onto it and spoil it, that’s why I took a digital photo and uploaded it into the Markers app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and did a bit of white line scribbling. It’s a bit tentative, but that might be the time of night.

Involuntarily Underpaid Women Mark 6,000 Years Of Not Resorting To Violence

29 Apr

Short, witty, to the point ….

The Clash, The Stray Cats, Bobby Fuller : I Fought The Law

25 Apr

Entertaining blog from Thom Hickey exploring the life of songs. This one is fascinating, starting out in Texas in the 1950s and following its journey to London in the 1970s. With a great soundtrack.

21 Apr

This is an interesting blog that uses seasonal wild plants in delicious recipes and also gives a lotvof ghe mythological background as well.

Doug Sahm, Garland Jeffreys, ? and the Mysterians : 96 Tears

19 Apr

This is a really cool music blog that I follow, some groovy music on there today….

How Far Should We Go?

5 Apr

A really interesting blog post questioning how far we should censor art on the ground of the artist’s (alleged or proven) behaviour. via The great and the bad 

A Grand Night Out

23 Mar

Image: Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945), Self-portrait with hand against cheek (before July 1906) © The Trustees of the British Museum

So this evening, Swansea was buzzing with crowds of arty types milling between no less than 5 galleries opening exhibitions on the same night. I dropped into the effervescent Galerie Simpson to start with, then up to the magnificent Glynn Vivian Art Gallery for the opening of “Portrait Of The Artist – Käthe Kollwitz”. I’ve been desperate to see this show, which had been at Ikon in Birmingham last year, in partnership with the British Museum and supported by the Dorset Foundation. She is one of my heroes and I love her work so much. I’m a total fangirl.

According to the gallery, “Kollwitz’s unique artistic talent, her technical prowess and intelligence, and above all her humanity, can be seen in this exhibition. There is much about the life and work of Kollwitz that instils hope, that is inspiring and life affirming, despite the burden of hardship and sorrow carried by so many of her figures and by herself. Her emphasis was often on what was distinctive about women’s experience, including the fundamental nature and potency of maternal love. She believed that art could be a force for good in society.”

And there’s a book! I had to have it. The exhibition carries on until the 17th of June and I might be running a weekend printmaking masterclass there, linked to the exhibition……. It’s worth a trip to Swansea to see this and the other shows on at the moment at Galerie Simpson, Volcano, Mission Gallery and Elysium, but not on Mondays.




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