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One of many women who should be remembered:

19 Jan

Fellow artist and blogger, Patricia McKenna Jones, has done some important work about women who resisted the Nazis …..


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More revolting plans:

17 Jan

The artist Patti McJones and I are getting up to arty shenanigans …..


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Seasonal Food

17 Dec


Sitting in the dark, watching TV, scribbling the cat quickly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet using a free Markers app. Been visiting relatives most of the day and am stuffed full of home made mince pies. Mmmmmmm …. seasonal food.



The Swansea Open

29 Nov

mari siglo

The Swansea Open, December 8th to February 2nd 2019, Glynn Vivian art gallery.

I just heard today that I have had 2 artworks accepted into the Swansea Open exhibition and I’m chuffed to bits as Swansea is full of talented artists and the competition is stiff. I submitted two monotypes of the Mari Lwyd, based on drawings I did in my sketchbook at the end of last year. The Mari Lwyd is an ancient Welsh tradition, where groups of revellers wander the streets and pubs accompanied by a life size puppet constructed around a decorated horse’s skull. It may hark back to the worship of the Celtic horse goddess, Epona and has links with Wassailing, May Day hobby horses and Yule celebrations..

Mari thumbnail

The two pieces are intaglio prints – an etching and a mezzotint – that I made during a weekend course with accomplished printmaker Andrew Baldwin at Trefeglwys Print Studios a couple of months ago. It’s a beautiful studio in an ancient building in Powys and I learnt so much from Andrew. He has developed an innovative low toxicity etching ground – B.I.G. – that can be used in both traditional and inventive ways. You can find out more about it here.

A Quickie On The Last Day

23 Nov

bologna (2)

On our last morning in Bologna yesterday, I rushed over to get a final look at the wonderful Basilica de Sant Steffano and had just a few minutes to do a quick scribble with conté crayons into my A4 brown paper sketchbook.

Home At Last

23 Nov

Home at last and glad to get back to Sparta Puss ….. and our memory foam mattress topper, what a good buy that’s turned out to be. I ended up doing quite a few sketches in Italy, which I will put up tomorrow, here’s one of a rather Byzantine Christ on a church ceiling in Florence. I think it was a baptistry but I’m not sure. I’ll have to go through the itinerary to work out where each sketch was done, I should put it next to the sketch, really, but often forget to. I should also remember to wear my glasses when I’m drawing too, but it’s such a faff when you’re on the go. So the perspective here is a bit skewiff because I was squinting.

Teeny Tiny Cherub

21 Nov

Husb and I have moved on to Bologna from Florence, being culture vultures and taking in loads of fabulous places with our guide, Andrew Spira. I stopped to draw this teeny tiny head of a cherub, but had to rush on to discover more exhibits before I could finish it. Still, that’s what a sketchbook is for.

Another Cadaver

19 Nov

Here’s another drawing from the museum of natural science in Florence, from the exhibition of exquisitely made wax cadavers. They are quite gruesome to draw, partly because they have been given very lifelike glass eyes. This example shows the main veins and arteries.


18 Nov

I’m having a break in Florence for a few days and although I brought my sketchbook with me, I wasn’t planning on doing much drawing unless something really inspired me. It turned out to be a cadaver. Sometimes I worry about me.

We went with our excellent guide, Andrew, to the La Specola Museum of Natural History where they have an extraordinary collection of anatomical models made in wax. They are amazing and, I was going to say lifelike, but I guess they’re deathlike. Drawn with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen into my A6 Tate Gallery sketchbook.

Don’t Bother With The Tipsy Tower

17 Nov

If you visit Pisa in Italy, my advice is don’t bother with the tipsy tower, too full of tourists, but go instead to the fascinating Museum of Calculation Devices, which displays the history of early calculators and computers. It is awesome.

But avoid the toilets. Easily the worst public toilet I have visited in Europe. Otherwise, so much better than tipsy towers.

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