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Baking And Sketching

10 Aug

8 Cwmdonkin

Another evening walk, another sketch in Cwmdonkin Park. There are plenty of trees so I’m in no danger of running out of subjects any time soon. There are lots more people in the park now that lockdown is easing.



Earlier, I made bread. And pizza, but that got eaten before I could take a photo.


Henry Ossawa Tanner. Part 1

23 Jun

This is a very interesting read about an artist I had never heard of – you never stop learning …


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Dogs: our faithful companions since the paleolithic

29 Apr

A gorgeous blog about dogs with drawings from Patti McKenna Jones


via Dogs: our faithful companions since the paleolithic

Another queue another sketch….

12 Apr

Another quick little sketch in a queue…..

Tescos queue





Woodcut in the bog

11 Mar

This is a great visual blog from artist Patti McKenna Jones


One of the ‘bloody women’ I’m paying tribute to in the upcoming exhibition at Cinema & Co Swansea is Andrea Levy. I was impressed and depressed by her novel ‘Small Island’ (about the unbelievable levels of discrimination meted out to the Windrush despite them being invited to live in the UK after WW2) when I read it 10 years ago. She admitted to developing a flinty bloody- mindedness in order to get published in her final interview -released on R4 recently & really worth a listen. Here is the woodcut of her beautiful face in progress but you’ll have to pop into the toilet in C&Co to see the finished print….

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Workshops Galore!

4 Mar

Some amazing printmaking workshops by Kara Seaman coming up at Swansea Print Workshop soon. Please click on the link to find out more 🙂


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Massed Michael Sheens

25 Nov


I spent a very absorbing couple of hours this evening developing an embroidery of the actor Michael Sheen at the Sew Swansea workshop. It’s part of the 9to90 Creative Workshops this year.


I haven’t done embroidery for decades, not since I was a child, watching my mother embroider and trying out little bits of stitching on scraps of material. It seems very much like drawing, but slower.

Patti McKenna-Jones and I are running  free workshop this coming Friday – please see the leaflet above.

The 9to90 sessions will culminate in an exhibition of massed Michael Sheens at GS Artists next month…..


Eco-Strike Swansea

22 Sep

A terrific drawing en plein air by Patti McKenna Jones


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Squirting Blobs

13 Aug


paintbox crop

I recently made myself a tiny watercolour paintbox, using an old tin that originally had a dried up stamping ink pad in it. I filled one side with DAS airdry clay and pushed 6 semi-circular depressions into it with the round end of a menthol inhaler. And let it dry – it took about a week. Then I gave it a couple of coats of white acrylic paint to seal it. Once it was dry, I squirted a blob of good quality liquid watercolour from tubes into the little holes – Lemon Yellow, Vermilion, Crimson, Pthalo Blue, Purple and Green. Then I let them dry out before taking it out into the field.

Maggie's Garden

It works pretty well. The paints get wet, dry out, get wet again with no impact upon their quality. Here’s one I did earlier in the summer using ballpoint pen with the watercolours.






9 Aug

A lovely drawing blog post by Patricia McKenna-Jones, looking at how she started sketching so many years ago….

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