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Remember Greenham 2

18 Sep

A fabulous drawing blog from Patricia McKenna Jones

Wally Neuzil, muse of Egon Schiele – marina’s muses

8 Sep

I love Marina’s blog, such an unusual approach

Body-Consciousness in the Art of Maria Lassnig

8 Sep

A very challenging artist. Contains nudity.

The wait is nearly over

4 Sep

Coming soon, my Open Studio at Volcano.

Remember Greenham

30 Aug

Patti McKenna Jones was also at the peace march commemoration last Monday, having a scribble of course….


“She is like a mountain”, the lyrics from one of the songs of Greenham (created by the women themselves along with lyricists such as Holly Near, Peggy Seager or Naomi Little Bear Martinez) rang out from the group of women – and a few men -who met at Cardiff Museum on August bank holiday Monday to commemorate the Welsh women who marched to Greenham Common in 1981.

Marilyn & friends

Many of us knew the lyrics – led by the great Côr Cochion Caerdydd (Cardiff Reds) Choir – because many had either been on the  march itself, or visited the camp set up for . We had met to reminisce and re-enact part of the march -across the Severn Bridge.

IMG_20180829_214052 (1)

Ann Petit (left) and Karmen Thomas were so worried when Thatcher allowed the United States to store 96 cruise missiles at Greenham Common Airbase that they decided to take action.


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The Hayseed Dixies

22 Aug

Yaay. I got my paws on the pooter box again! My trained monkeys are lolling around complaining that they’re feeling rough. They look rough. All the time. They’re not at all sleek and pretty like a cat. They came back very late last night. They went out to something called a gig, where lots of hairless apes jumped around shouting at a small group of other apes they said are called The Hayseed Dixies. How stupid. They should have been here with me. I am neglected!

“Oh Sparta Puss, you’re not neglected at all.”

You know nothing, Monkey.

“You’re NOT neglected, Fatty.”


“Well, the vet says you’re a bit fat.”

The vet is a MONKEY.

I rest my case.


Gallivanting Monkeys

21 Aug

So the hairless apes are out gallivanting tonight, going to see a band. That’s a bunch of bald monkeys who bang stuff and make a lit of noise. And the other furless simians bounce around for hours. Then they come home. How ridiculous. I shall stay on my cushion on the cushion on the cushion on the bed in the quiet. Like the sensible sentient being I am.

Misogyny in Action

20 Aug

Such an interesting feminist blog from Pakistan

14 Aug

A lovely foraging / cookery / women’s history blog


Reality And Equality Jolt Priviledge @ Womad

6 Aug

An art blog about an important topic by Patricia McKenna Jones (with lovely sketches)


via Reality And Equality Jolt Priviledge @ Womad

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