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What has brought you here?

9 Nov

An interesting and challenging artblog from Swansea artist Patricia McKenna-Jones, with some great drawings en plein air


I attended a meeting of Stand Up To Racism two days ago in Swansea at which we listened to some politically -committed guest speakers. I couldn’t stay long but did a couple of sketches anyway (here and at base):

After this we were asked to speak to the person nearest to us about what had made us turn up; for some reason I felt something akin to nausea and was suddenly back in Liverpool with my school friend, Owen, in 1968.

Owen was mixed race and were in the same class all the way through Primary School and some of Secondary. I have a memory of us being on school trip in the Lake-district aged 11 with Lulu’s I’m a Tiger playing on someone’s radio. He was always better than me at maths and was a great natural artist.

This all changed when we went to the ‘big school’ and…

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Andis Applewhite: New Additions to the AP/RC

2 Nov

I really like these woodcut prints, very contemporary approach to an ancient technique

Artist Printmaker/Photographer Research Collection ● AP/RC ● Art Division of the Museum of Texas Tech University

Andis Applewhite stopped by this summer to visit the AP/RC, talk, and drop off some artwork and related materials for her archive. In addition to six woodcuts and three trace monotypes, Applewhite left with the AP/RC some test sheets exploring colors, textures and shapes as well as several registration prints.  She lives most of the year in Houston but also has a farm and studio in northern Texas where, among other things, she cultivates wine grapes.

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Kazuo Ohno’s Dance Philosophy

27 Oct

This is so interesting, about Japanese dance

Sneaky blinder.

21 Oct

Here’s a delightful post from fellow Swansea artblogger, Doodlemum, featuring her naughty dog, Bonnie….. who has been up to no good …..


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Festy Porth

15 Oct

Coming up on Friday ……

Somerset flummery

27 Sep

An interesting post from Lois Elsdon about an ancient pudding with Welsh origins    

What Is New Objectivity? – Artsy

25 Sep

A very interesting article about the artistic response to the aftermath of World War 1

23 Sep

I love this blog. Great recipes, interesting folklore and a lovely way to mark the seasons.

Remember Greenham 2

18 Sep

A fabulous drawing blog from Patricia McKenna Jones

Wally Neuzil, muse of Egon Schiele – marina’s muses

8 Sep

I love Marina’s blog, such an unusual approach

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