What Next With The Blues?

Husb and I are still recovering from Covid19, the symptoms are more or less gone but we’re both totally exhausted and my brain has turned to mush! I don’t have the energy or thought processes to so any artwork so I took a look at a piece of tie-dye a did a few weeks ago,Continue reading “What Next With The Blues?”

The Blues On A Sunny Day

Just a few more days left of my residency in the Waun Wen area of the city and Dan McCabe from Swansea’s Glynn Vivian Art Gallery came up and did a fab session about indigo dyeing with some local residents. It’s the topic of one of their latest exhibitions. The weather’s been awful recently, threeContinue reading “The Blues On A Sunny Day”

Scribbling In The Gallery

Today was the start of the Swansea Open 2021 show at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. It’s been going for many years but had to be put on hold last year because of Covid19. There’s usually a big opening event but this year people had to book time slots and although it was busy, itContinue reading “Scribbling In The Gallery”

Got A Bit Of Culture

Husb and I got a bit of culture today. We booked a slot at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery to see the new show, Terra Ferma by Carlos Bunga and to check in with the permanent collections, always something new to see there. I had a scribble through the door to the main gallery, withContinue reading “Got A Bit Of Culture”

That’s How I Roll

So I went to the Glynn Vivian art gallery this evening for a talk by the artist Bedwyr Williams. I sat at the back because there was a light on there in the otherwise dark room and I though “Ah, I can use that light to draw into my small but perfectly formed sketchbook.” JustContinue reading “That’s How I Roll”

The Turk In The Dark

Husb and I went to the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery this evening to a talk by the artist Gavin Turk which was fun and provocative. It was very hot and very dark. Of course, I had to have a scribble. It was hard to see him as I was right at the back and itContinue reading “The Turk In The Dark”

Cutting Off Your Nose …

  I was listening to Summar Ackery at a spoken word event at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery recently. She was doing a humorous but relevant piece about a life experience, when a chap refused to get intimate because she was unshaven.  What an idiot! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! IContinue reading “Cutting Off Your Nose …”


  Another drawing I did recently at a spoken word event at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, with Rufus Mufasa, David Pitt and Eleanor Shaw amongst others, using surrealist drawing  techniques. I did this drawing while listening to one of the contributor’s telling the story of her experience of giving birth. Her words created veryContinue reading “Visceral”

Surrealist Drawing

A few weeks ago I did some live drawing at a spoken word event at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, with Rufus Mufasa, David Pitt and Eleanor Shaw amongst others. I normally work directly from life, but this time I let my hands be influenced by the rhythm and meaning of the words and musicContinue reading “Surrealist Drawing”

Window Licking Good?

Husb and I regularly babysit one of our very young relatives and last week I took him on his first trip to the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. There’s a fabulous exhibition from their archives at the moment – a wonderful and quirky selection of artwork. I find babies very hard to draw. The proportions ofContinue reading “Window Licking Good?”