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Music And Mark Making

18 Feb

Rhodri Davies 2

Husb and I went to the “Gallery At Night” opening at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery where artist in residence Rhodri Davies was performing on a range of strange instruments, including cymbals arranged on the floor (above) and adapted harps. I quickly got into the zone and scribbled automatically, allowing the music to dictate my mark-making. This is a recent development for me as I normally work in silence, not even listening to the radio. I drew these with a biro (ballpoint) pen into my small cloth-backed sketchbook (approximately A6 size).


The Gallery At Night

17 Feb

Rhodri davies b


Husb and I went to the late opening at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery last night where artist in residence Rhodri Davies was performing on a range of strange instruments. I scribbled with a biro (ballpoint) pen and found myself almost mesmerised, drawing automatically to the music.

Automatic Drawing

10 Feb

Rhodri Davies


Husb and I went to the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery earlier today to catch Rhodri Davies doing his artist’s talk. I like to hear how other artists develop their work and of course, it’s an opportunity for me to have a scribble as well. Rhodri’s art practice is completely different from mine but I like to be challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. Today he spoke about his work involving harps (telyn) and during the talk he played a short film that featured one of his musical compositions. I found myself completely absorbed and drawing automatically to the sounds, particularly on the beard. I used a biro (ballpoint) into my very small Laura Ashley sketchbook.



24 Oct

Helen Sear 3


Here’s the last sketch I made while I listened to Helen Sear talking about her current exhibition at the Glynn Vivian art gallery at the weekend. Her show, “The Rest Is Smoke” is a presentation of the film / photography installation with which she represented Cymru at the Venice Biennale 2015.

Looking around audiences at events like these is great, so many interesting faces, all engrossed and unaware that I am watching and drawing. The artist as voyeur!


Cash And Kudos

23 Oct

Helen Sears 2


Another scribbled head from my visit to the Glynn Vivian art gallery a couple of days ago, to listen to the talk by artist Helen Sear while Storm Brian raged outside. The Glynn Vivian is a fabulous gallery and reopened after a five-year refurbishment last year. It’s great to have it back, it’s an amazing gallery and the city council has had the guts to keep it open and thriving in the face of swingeing public sector cuts.


The gallery is part of an exciting artscene in Swansea and the city is in the shortlist for the UK City of Culture 2021 with three others. It’s a mad, quirky place that oozes culture of all sorts, not just highbrow stuff. It’ll mean a lot if we win the bid, this part of Wales has been run down for so long yet arts and culture and sport thrive here without the huge amounts of cash and kudos enjoyed by places like London. What we could do with just a fraction of that!


Storms Cissy and Ada?

22 Oct

Helen Sears 1

I’ve been out and about with a sketchbook recently, getting back to basics, drawing as much as possible, not for projects but simply as part of my routine practice. An artist’s practice is just that, practice.

I went to a talk at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery by the artist Helen Sear, her work is currently featured there. I managed to scribble a few listening heads. I find that I can sketch and listen at the same time because I’m not concentrating on making “great art” so I don’t mind if it all goes pear shaped. This woman had the loveliest pre-Raphaelite hair, all fuzzy ringlets tied up in a loose knot, straight out of the late 19th century.

It was a terrible day outside the gallery, we were in the middle of Storm Brian and the gales were howling and the rain was lashing down. The Americans always seem to have quite posh names for their hurricanes – Ophelia, Katrina, but we have Storm Brian. I’m waiting for Nigel and Doris. Or Cissy and Ada maybe?




Cissy and Ada

The immortal Cissy and Ada


Drawing In The Gallery

10 Nov


I finally found a couple of hours to visit the newly-refurbished Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Swansea. It’s a fantastic restructuring but I only got about half way round before I had to leave, so I must plan another visit pretty soon to see the rest. I sat for a few minutes and sketched this view of Lindsay Seers’ installation, ‘Nowhere Less Now‘. I used UniPin pens onto Fabriano Accademica paper that I had prepared with washes of my home-made walnut ink.


I have a new piece of art in the Womens Arts Association exhibition, opening on Saturday 11th November. Please pop by and take a look if you’re in Cardiff🙂

The Irrepressible Artist

29 Jan

nana joan

Husb and I went to an artist talk put on by the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery this evening. It was an interview with the gallery’s artist-in-residence, Joan Jones. It was fascinating listening to the irrepressible Joan talk about other artists, writers and musicians that had been so inspiring and influential, including Gertrude Stein, the Manic Street Preachers and Dolly Parton amongst others. Joan’s work is about turning embodied queer experience – often painful – into narratives or ‘folk stories’ through a variety of mediums, including song, live performance and zine distribution.


I drew Joan with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, the full set of S, M, F and B, in sepia into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook. And now I’m off to life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. No peace for the wicked!


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